‘American Idol’ Returns With Its Strongest Night Yet



Now things are heating up. We are down to the top 14 on American Idol and America, yes you the fans, can now vote on who you think should stay on the show. It’s no longer totally up to the whims of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. So, who is looking like they are going to make it and who do I think is going home? Let’s find out.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Good ‘ol Caleb. He is as country as they come and has the banjo pluckin’ skills to prove it. He sang Midnight Train to Memphis and it was golden. Caleb is a consistent singer but will that bore America? They want more than just consistency.

Michelle Sussett

Michelle is a good performer but she’s a bit much if you ask me. Katy called her “Shakira in the beginning stages”, in other words that she isn’t there yet. I fear for the Latin diva.

Marcio Donaldson

I’m not sure why Marcio, who is one of the best singers on the show, chose to sing a Barry Manilow song. Only Lionel was really enthused because it reminded him of his glory days. Marcio may be going home.

Mara Justine

Mara is not only the youngest singer on the show, she’s also a fan favorite. But her take on The Greatest Showman’s This is Me was shaky, probably due to nerves. I think she’ll make it through but she needs to be careful.

Garrett Jacobs

I think Garrett is very cute and a serviceable singer but sooner or later he’s going to go and now may be that time. Underwhelming is the word.

Ada Vox

OK. Listen, if you want to sing Freddy Mercury, you had better be able to hit impossible notes. Lucky for Ada that she can. I have to say she consistently blows us away.

Catie Turner

Our girl Catie KILLED Take Me To Church. She kept her quirky girl vibes more under wraps this time and is really showing growth as an artist.

Cade Foehner

Cade is a rock god in the making. He did Santana’s Black Magic Woman and he not only can shred the guitar like Santana, he can really belt it out. Plus Katy likes him in the mommy/daddy sense.

Dennis Lorenzo

Man, this guy can sing. Who knew a Shawn Mendes song could sound like that? Lionel called it his “breakthrough moment” which is lucky because American is voting.


One thing that American Idol has never had, not really, was any rapping. Jurnee brought her hip hop game rapping part of her song Bang Bang. Versatility is always a good thing to show. I wonder how America will react?

Maddie Poppe

Don’t sleep on Maddie Poppe, y’all. She’s soooo good. She sang Simon and Garfunkle’s Homeward Bound and it was just beautiful. I heart this girl.

Jonny Brenns

Oh, Jonny. A cute smile and pleasant performance style will only get you so far. His singing just wasn’t…there. Katy called it “fun”. Kiss of death.

Michael J. Woodward

People need to stop singing Titanium…but Michael annihilated it. Backed by a string quartet it made a song I’m frankly sick of into something really terrific.

Gabby Barrett

Gabby closed out the show with a Miley Cyrus number, The Climb. I think the producers are trying to create a new Carrie Underwood situation with her. They could just do it.

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