‘American Idol’: Maddie Poppe Fans Are Pissed Off At The Show. Here’s Why

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Maddie Poppe fans take aim at American Idol after Maddie shares unfortunate news on twitter.

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Maddie Poppe Slight

Season 16’s winner of American Idol, Maddie Poppe doesn’t think the show is holding up their end of the bargain. Her appearance on Disney night was suppose to be her chance to promote her upcoming album “Whirlwind” which will be released on May 17th, three days before the finale . Unfortunately the show abruptly went to commercial break without any Ryan Seacrest chat, robbing her of that invaluable opportunity. Maddie explained it like this on Instagram:

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On April 28th, 2019 she tweeted, “Was waiting for ‘ALSO from last week, our season 16 winner has an album coming out May 17th’….”

This sparked a flurry of comments between Maddie and fans where more information was revealed. Maddie announced that she was no longer scheduled to perform at the finale. This was a big shock considering that usually the finale of American Idol features the winner of the previous season. Furthermore, we found out that Gabby Barrett season 16’s third place would be performing this week to promote her new music.


In another tweet Maddie responded to an angry fan saying, “Trust me, I cried a lot too lol.”

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Fan Reaction

This had fans up and arms and coming to Maddie’s defense. As a result many of them took to twitter to express their anger at American Idol for their treatment of its most recent winner.

Since the news that Maddie wouldn’t be performing at the finale, her supporters have called, emailed, and direct messaged producers at the show, and executives at ABC. Additionally, fans have even taken it as far as to get a petition circulating that got over 400 signatures.

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Talent | Talent Recap Maddie Poppe fans petition American Idol to feature the star on the finale

As of yet, there has been no response from ABC or American Idol concerning this issue.

Still, Maddie refuses to get lost in the shuffle like so many other winners from the show, so she’s doing everything she can to promote her new album. Despite the issues with the show, she continues to support the current contestants on their journeys. This speaks to her as a person and explains why she has die hard fans who go the extra mile.


Matt Beck
Matt Beck

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