‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week: Judges Rush Off Stage To Comfort Contestant After She Has A Seizure

Samantha Agate
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Tonight’s episode of American Idol showcased some talented performances during the solo round of Hollywood Week. We saw some early standout contestants fail to impress the judges with their original songs. We also saw one contestant have a seizure offstage that caused the judges to run backstage and check up on her. Here are some of the highlights of the night plus, find out what happened after that contestant was taken to the hospital.

‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week Solo Performances

Kimmy Gabriela

Kimmy Gabriela reiterated that the judges said that she is “top 10 material.” She felt like she had to live up to a high standard. She remarked that she knew her duet in last night’s episode did not reach those expectations. Kimmy sang “I’m Here” from The Color Purple because of its powerful message. Katy Perry gave her a standing ovation and again said that Kimmy is top 10 material. Kimmy made it into the top 40.

Julia Gargano, Robert Taylor and Jimmy Levy

The judges made it clear that they did not think it was wise for anyone to perform an original song. Katy said “not everyone is Alejandro,” referencing the success of last year’s runner-up who constantly impressed the judges with his original songs. Some of the contestants did not listen and were part of a montage of people who disappointed the judges. Early standout Julia Gargano forgot the name of her original song while she was on stage. The judges collectively agree that it was the wrong song choice. Robert Taylor performed an original song that Katy said “was not good for him.” Jimmy Levy who had a memorable audition really did not deliver when it came to performing his original song acapella. Both Julia and Robert made it into the top 40 while Jimmy was sent home.

Lauren Mascitti

Lauren Mascitti was another contestant that did not heed the judge’s advice about performing original songs. However, it seemed to work out in her favor because she got a standing ovation from all three judges at the end of her performance. This was the only original song that the judges seemed to be impressed by. The song was dedicated to and inspired by her nana. Lauren made it into the top 40.

Arthur Gunn

In his audition, Arthur Gunn sang Creedence Clearwater’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain.” For his solo, he decided to make a new arrangement of that same song. He changed the scale and the key. He called it “very experimental” and acknowledged that it was “quite a risk” to perform the same song again. The band did not have enough time to learn his arrangement so Arthur just sang it with his guitar. He received a full standing ovation from the judges. The performance made Lionel Richie cry. Arthur made it into the top 40.

Makayla Brownlee

Shortly after announcing she was singing Kacey Musgrave’s “Rainbow,” Makayla staggered offstage and fell to the ground. This caused the judges to get up from their desk and run backstage to see what happened. Medics rushed onto the scene and Makayla was taken away in a wheelchair to be further examined. It was then revealed that she has a rare heart condition that causes her to have seizures during times where she is extremely stressed. She cannot control it. Makayla later returned to the stage and felt much better. She sang and received a standing ovation from all of the judges. Katy even cried during her performance. Makayla made it into the top 40.

Just Sam

Just Sam was certainly a memorable early standout that has been impressing the judges despite feeling sick. During her rehearsal for her solo performance, she revealed that her throat was sore to the point where it felt like it was on fire. That did not stop her from delivering a show-stopping performance. The judges stood up and clapped while she sang. Luke Bryan said, “she’s special.” She also made it into the top 40.


Louis Knight

Louis Knight explained that he was feeling emotional because it was his late friend Russel’s birthday. He delivered an extremely emotional performance of Lewis Capaldi’s “Hold Me While You Wait.” Both of his parents were in the audience and were sobbing during the entire performance. He made it into the top 40.

Franklin Boone

Franklin Boone said that he felt a bit of pressure coming into the solo round. He said that since he is very introverted it was hard for him to come out of his shell. Franklin was compared to Alejandro from last season and was even able to get some advice from him on how to be more comfortable on stage. He wanted to go further in the competition to make his wife and daughter proud. Franklin made it into the top 40 and has no doubt made his family proud.

Other notable contestants that made it into the top 40 were Francisco Martin and Amber Fiedler whose solo performances were not shown in tonight’s episode. Did your favorites make it through to the top 40? Let us know in the comments below if there were any results that you were shocked by.

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