Ryan Seacrest’s Former ‘Idol’ Co-Host Turned Uber Driver Is Back on TV

Ryan Seacrest's Former 'Idol' Co-Host Turned Uber Driver Is Back on TV

Former American Idol host Brian Dunkleman clapped back at haters for driving an Uber when reports of his then-current occupation surfaced. Since then things have taken quite a turn, keep reading to find out.

In 2002 Idol introduced the world to two talented hosts but only one of them would make their mark in the entertainment world. Ryan Seacrest’s career has soared since his first stint on national television. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for his former co-host Brian Dunkleman.

TMZ took the liberty to reveal Dunkleman’s current occupation while reporting on details of his tumultuous divorce. The network reports that financial documents filed show Dunkleman’s occupation as an “Uber driver.

According to TMZ, he began working as a ride-share driver in 2016, where he said he works about 45 hours a week and earns around $800 a week.

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The former host is currently wrapped up in a gnarly custody battle with his estranged wife Kalea Dunkleman. In order to make ends meet Dunkleman had to do what was best to support himself and his son.

Former ‘American Idol’ Co-Host Claps Back

The 47-year-old took matters into his own hands after the news surfaced.

Someone is not a happy camper…with good reason. Dunkleman didn’t stop there…writing in a separate tweet, “And I make over a grand on a good week motherf***ers. @TMZ @HarveyLevinTMZ #HumanBarnacles.”

Ryan Seacrest and Brian Dunkleman
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Job shaming has become a serious problem in our culture. Similarly to Dunkleman, former entertainers from around the world are experiencing this same type of ridicule.

Dunkleman left American Idol back in 2002 to pursue an acting career. Speaking of his exit Dunkleman said, “Of course, when it comes to the financial aspect, of course, there are regrets. I wouldn’t be human if I said no.”

All we have to say is there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an honest job and doing what’s best for you and your family.

American Idol To Uber To Now Family Feud

Months after he was slammed for becoming an Uber driver, Brian Dunkleman announced he has landed a new television role. Yes, this is why this article is so important.


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