ALL The Reveals From Season 4 Of ‘The Masked Singer’

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Did you miss The Masked Singer Season 4? Want to find out who was under all those crazy costumes? Or maybe you’re a die-hard fan and you just want to relive the most shocking reveals. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

There were some incredible unmasking moments this season, as actors, athletes, and even famous singers were revealed to be contestants. Check out all of these amazing moments below.

Every Reveal On ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4

The Dragon (Busta Rhymes)

The Dragon was the first contestant to be eliminated from the season, and so he was the first celebrity reveal. Jenny McCarthy guessed it was DMX, while Ken Jeong thought it might be Michael Phelps. Meanwhile, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke correctly guessed it was rapper Busta Rhymes! Busta said his costume reminded him of his old outfits.

The Gremlin (Mickey Rourke)

The next character to be revealed wasn’t even eliminated from the competition. Instead, the Gremlin decided the costume was too hot, and decided to take his mask off. It turned out to be actor Mickey Rourke. That meant all the other contestants were safe for that week’s episode.


The Giraffe (Brian Austin Green)

Jenny thought the Giraffe might be another Green — Seth Green. Robin guessed Travis Barker, while Joel McHale thought it was Jason Priestley. It turned out to be his Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Brian Austin Green! Brian said the judges were “so close but so far.” And can you believe that Brian and Robin used to be best friends as teens?!

The Baby Alien (Mark Sanchez)

Ken thought the Baby Alien might be Freddie Prinze Jr., while Robin guessed Jason Biggs. When the celebrity removed the mask, he was revealed to be former NFL player Mark Sanchez. “Everybody was way off!” host Nick Cannon declared. Mark said his hand cramped up from operating the puppet on his costume.

The Lips (Wendy Williams)

This one didn’t come as much of a surprise. Both Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger correctly guessed that it was talk show host Wendy Williams. In response to Ken’s original guess that she was Mariah Carey, Wendy asked Nick Cannon if he would ever get back together with her. “You never know what’s gonna come out of her mouth,” Nick said.

The Squiggly Monster (Bob Saget)

Four of the judges correctly guessed that this contestant was Full House star and comedian Bob Saget. “We’re all going through a tough time,” Bob said about why he chose to do the show. “I get to be part of your joy, and it’s needed so bad.”

The Snow Owls (Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black)

The Snow Owls performed as a duo, and they turned out to be a real-life couple. Two of the judges guessed Vince Gill and Amy Grant, but Nicole correctly guessed that it was country singers Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black. Nicole called them “the heart of this show.”


The Whatchamacallit (Lonzo Ball)

Most of the judges thought this celebrity was an athlete, and Ken correctly guessed that it was basketball player Lonzo Ball. Ken stood up on the judges’ table to celebrate his correct guess, and said he’s a big fan of Lonzo. The athlete said he did the show to put a smile on his mom’s face.

The Serpent (Dr. Elvis Francois)

Nicole Scherzinger correctly guessed that the Serpent was singing surgeon Dr. Elvis Francois. He shared that it was something he would never forget. Ken Jeong, who has also worked as a doctor, teared up while telling Dr. Francois that his cover of “Imagine” “got us through the pandemic.”

The Broccoli (Paul Anka)

Guesses for the Broccoli included Wayne Newton and Ringo Starr. However, Robin Thicke correctly guessed that it was legendary singer Paula Anka. “We have gone through something in our country,” Paul said, adding that the show should be “proud” for giving people so much fun.

The Popcorn (Taylor Dayne)

Robin and Ken thought this was Tina Turner, while Jenny and Nicole correctly guessed that the Popcorn was ’80s singer Taylor Dayne. “Nobody understands how amazing this show is,” Taylor said, adding that she “had a ball.”

The Jellyfish (Chloe Kim)

The judges guessed various Olympians, from Gabby Douglas to McKayla Maroney, but only Ken Jeong and Craig Robinson were correct in guessing it was snowboarder Chloe Kim. She revealed that she had sent Ken a DM on Instagram two years ago that he didn’t even read!

The Seahorse (Tori Kelly)

Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger correctly guessed that the Seahorse was Tori Kelly, while the other judges thought it might be Christina Aguilera or Halsey. Nicole said she thought Tori could have won the entire competition, calling her the best vocalist in the show’s history.


The Crocodile (Nick Carter)

Ken thought the Crocodile might have been another boy bander named Nick — Nick Lachey. Robin guessed it was Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough, but Jenny correctly chose another member of the band, Nick Carter. He said he was “grateful to be here.”

The Mushroom (Aloe Blacc)

Nicole correctly guessed that the Mushroom was singer Aloe Blacc, while the other judges thought it was Ne-Yo or Pharrell. Aloe said his daughter was the inspiration for his persona, adding that he wanted to “embody her spirit” and “feel her energy.”

The Sun (Leann Rimes)

At the end of The Masked Singer Season 4, the Sun was named the winner, and she was revealed to be country-pop star Leann Rimes. Jenny and Nicole correctly guessed it was her, while the other judges thought it might be Mandy Moore or Katharine McPhee. Leann said it was “an overwhelming experience.”

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