AGT’s Hans Joins Judge Nicole Scherzinger On Australia’s Got Talent

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Is Hans finally claiming his Australian roots because last we remembered Hans was very much German.

Hans vs Heildi Klum, who is the real German supermodel?

If you watched America’s Got Talent last year, you know Hans. You don’t need a reminder, Accordion hans is hard to forget. Even though he was eliminated in the quarter-finals, his campy vibe and larger-than-life spirit has made him a favorite of the show’s online fanbase.

We knew we hadn’t seen the last of Hans when he was eliminated and we are glad to be right as he is making his grand return to the Got Talent franchise, only this time, across the globe…as a guest judge!

Hans will be guest judging the upcoming episode of Australia’s Got Talent. While he presumably won’t be doing any performing on stage, we’re sure he’ll be as entertaining as ever. Just look at what he did on AGT last summer!

Accordion Hans, the German sex symbol takes America by storm on AGT quarter finals.

Were Hans and Nicole Scherzinger giving us a sneak peak here?

Watch this cute video of them jamming together as we delve deeper into Scherzinger and the brilliance that she is!

Hans and Nicole Scherzinger. Did we miss a clue?

Nicole Scherzinger being underrated

Talent Recap did a story on her Nicole Scherzinger being the most underrated judge ever. And believe us, when you take a closer look back at what she’s accomplished over the years, you too will be shocked that despite all of her talent and charisma, Scherzinge is not nearly as appreciated by the masses than she deserves to be.

Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls shows she can do more than just sing on NBC’s Today Show.

Here is a little recap on who she is in case you too are unaware of her impressive resume of work. She was a member of the Pussycat Dolls. Yeah, that one, the best-selling girl groups of all time one! She has judged several talent shows, including both the US and UK versions of The X Factor, Australia’s Got Talent and recently, the American version of The Masked Singer.

Nicole Scherzinger and The Masked Singer

In an interview with Entertainment Today, Scherzinger revealed that “what’s so special and enduring about the show is that it’s crazy and it’s a bit trippy, but then you have the softer side, where people come on and feel a sense of redemption and a feeling of transformation and growth through this process.” The Masked Singer and it’s instant success shocked even Ken Jeong, another judge on the show.

She added that “I just love the fact that these contestants feel like the world has judged them [or] feel like the world places a lot of judgment on them, and they want to be able to share who they really are. Not by what they think they are but who they are in their heart.”

We are beside ourselves awaiting the new The Masked Singer season and can’t wait to see Scherzinger on it. Are there any other former Got Talent acts you’d like to see try their hand at judging? (I’m honestly surprised AGT hasn’t brought back a successful former contestant to join the panel for a Judge Cuts episode). Let us know in the comments below!


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