‘AGT’ Comedian Drew Lynch DESTROYS Heckler Mocking His Stutter

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In the nearly four years since Season 10 of America’s Got Talent, runner-up Drew Lynch has maintained a pretty strong comedy career. And having been in the game for awhile now, he’s managed to master a certain skill every comedian needs: the ability to skillfully handle hecklers.

As AGT fans will know, Drew suffered a concussion earlier in his life which resulted in a permanent stutter. That certainly hasn’t hindered his comedy career, though. In fact, it’s often a major topic during his sets, including those we saw on AGT.

Drew’s jokes about his stutter are generally a hit with his audiences, but every once and awhile someone tries to embarrass him on stage. However, Drew has become a master of shutting those people down. At a recent show, after explaining the condition, an audience member got him to say the word “banana” to highlight his stutter, and what happened next was a clapback that was both powerful and hilarious. (Warning: There is some profanity present in the clip below!)


As we mentioned, this wasn’t the first time this kind of situation happened at one of Drew’s performances. Oftentimes when incidents like this occur, Drew will take to his YouTube Channel to share how he schooled the people coming after him.

While Drew’s clapbacks are absolutely amazing – seriously, mad props to him for being able to come up with them on the fly like that – it’s disappointing that so many people feel the need to tear him down. Fortunately, Drew clearly has a great career going for him with plenty of people attending his shows, so it’s great that he’s not letting the haters get him down!


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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