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AGT’s 5-Year-Old Adorable Singer Gets A Surprise From Kim Kardashian

Samantha Agate
4 days

Heavenly Joy Jerkins is quite possibly the cutest kid we have ever seen on any talent competition show. The 5-year-old auditioned for ‘AGT’ in 2015 with a performance of “In Summer” from the Disney film Frozen. You need to see her totally adorable audition below.

Heavenly Joy Jerkins Had The Cutest ‘AGT’ Audition Ever

Heavenly comes from a musical family since her dad is producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and her mom is singer Joy Enriquez. She started singing at the age of one and came to ‘AGT’ very excited to perform on the biggest stage in the world. Not only did she sing during her audition, but she also began tap dancing.

The judges were in awe during her performance because she was hitting some big notes during the fun Disney tune. The pint-sized tap dancer also added her own personality to the energetic song and it was seriously perfect. The audience launched into the biggest round of applause ever after watching Heavenly perform the Frozen song.


“When I was a little boy not much older than you if you could imagine that Heavenly, I used to watch Shirley Temple on TV,” Howard Stern said. Heavenly said that she too has watched Shirley Temple. “You know I think Shirley Temple is living somewhere inside of you” he added.

“You did such a fantastic job,” Heidi Klum said. “You were so cute singing and dancing. I think America is going to fall in love with you Heavenly.” Howie Mandel said that he would bet that America is already in love with her and he was so right. Though Heavenly was voted through to the Judge Cuts, viewers did not get to see her performance which led many to assume that she may have withdrawn from ‘AGT.’

If you thought Heavenly’s Disney themed ‘AGT’ audition was amazing, definitely check out the compilation below. It features 10 incredible kids who took on Disney hits during their time on talent competition shows. Spoiler alert, they are all seriously so cute.

What Has Heavenly Been Up To Since Appearing On The Show?

After her ‘AGT’ audition went viral with over 40 million views, Heavenly has continued to pursue singing. She recently appeared in a video for the song “Come Together” which was produced by her father. The aim of the video is to bring hope to people with everything going on in the world amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She was also joined by her siblings in a video posted to Instagram where they all showed off their singing skills. It is clear that the singing gene definitely runs in the family so maybe we’ll see some of them on ‘AGT’ in the future.

Singing and Tap dancing are only two of Heavenly’s many talents. She posted a video where she took on a Frédéric Chopin composition on the piano. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do so we give this talented musician major props.

She also has some famous besties that she posted a picture with. Heavenly hung out with Kim Kardashian and thanked Kim’s daughter North West for picking out a pair of Yeezy’s for her.


Heavenly seriously has a multitude of talents and we are more than jealous that she got to hang out with the Kardashians. What did you think of her cute Disney ‘AGT’ audition?

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