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‘AGT’ Star Evie Clair Blasts Simon Cowell For Ignoring Her In The 15th Anniversary Show

Samantha Agate
2 months

America’s Got Talent’s 15th Anniversary Special ranked the most viral acts to ever compete on the show. This encompassed their views from all social platforms and there were definitely some surprises and snubs in the rankings. Evie Clair, the talented singer who blew the judges away week after week with her powerful voice in season 12 did not make the cut. She and her fans just want some answers from the man in charge, Simon Cowell.

Evie Clair Was Missing From The ‘America’s Got Talent’ Special

Evie took to Twitter to express that she was “A little sad that @AGT@nbc didn’t mention me on the Top 15 Most Viral Moments last night. Maybe @SimonCowell didn’t see this 242 million views because whoever put it up didn’t put my name on it.” She included #forgotten. She asked her fans to retweet in order to rectify the situation. She followed up with another tweet saying “Not sure how else to get the attention of Top Viral Talent so they can add my name. I know @SimonCowell and the @agt@nbc fam loves me and would never leave me out on purpose. I was so honored to have the 3rd highest views on all of YouTube for 2018.” The video she is referencing that went viral on the YouTube channel called Top Viral Talent simply titled her audition video “She Sings For Her Dying Dad…Don’t Cry :(.”

At 13 years old, Evie’s audition came with an emotional backstory about her father’s battle with colon cancer. Singing to him was one thing she always did to make him feel better. The judges praised her for being so brave in what was absolutely one of the most heartfelt and memorable America’s Got Talent auditions of all time. Evie made it all the way to the finals and the same day, her father had passed away. While she didn’t win the show, she absolutely left her mark and wants ‘AGT’ to acknowledge her impact and we totally agree.


Why Was Evie Not Featured On The Countdown?

Obviously, everyone’s a bit confused about how the views were calculated to decide which 15 acts were the most viral. We believe the show accounted for views on all social platforms including Facebook to come to these decisions. One of the acts, Men With Pans was ranked at number eight in the countdown with 231 million views but, they have definitely obtained more than that figure as they are actually one of the most viral America’s Got Talent acts of all time. Season 14 winner Kodi Lee ended up being ranked the most viral ‘AGT’ act of all time.


Another reason for this snub can be that only the views from channels owned by Fremantle Media were counted for this ranking. While Evie garnered a ton of views across multiple channels, some of them may not have counted in this particular ranking. Regardless, Evie will always be remembered for her audition along with her journey on the show, but maybe Simon Cowell does have some answers for the now 16-year-old about why she was not featured on the anniversary special. Definitely help her out and be sure to retweet if you feel she should’ve gotten more recognition or even an honorable mention.

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