‘AGT’ Semi-Finals Week 2 Results Recap

Julia Delbel
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The America’s Got Talent Season 13 semi-finals are officially over. So, who are the last five finalists?

The Top 3

The three acts with the most votes from last night automatically made it into the finale show. They were…

Vicki Barbolak
Courtney Hadwin
Brian King Joseph

There were a lot of acts who stumbled last night, but Brian and Vicki soared, and Courtney has been one of the fan favorites from the get-go so her safety came as no surprise.

The Bottom 5

The five acts at the bottom of the totem pole who were automatically eliminated were…

Aaron Crow
Da Republik
Noah Guthrie
Christina Wells
Angel City Chorale

I thought Angel City or Aaron might have had a shot at the Dunkin’ Save, but I can see why they were here. And the others struggled to stand out last night so their eliminations weren’t too surprising either.

On The Bubble

The acts in 4th, 5th, and 6th all competed for the final Dunkin’ Save of the season. They were…

Daniel Emmet
Glennis Grace
We Three

Glennis won the audience vote, which was no surprise; I figured whoever out of her, Brian, Vicki, and Courtney didn’t get a spot in the top three would get it.

That left Daniel and We Three to face the judges for the final verdict. The judges noted that they were disappointed in both acts last night, so they were making their decisions based on their respective bodies of work over the course of the season. In a 3-1 vote (with Mel being the outlier) the final act to earn a spot in the AGT Season 13 top 10 was…Daniel Emmet!

Tune in to NBC at 8/7c next Tuesday for the America’s Got Talent finals and Wednesday special two-hour season finale!

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