‘AGT’ Recap: Quarterfinals 3 And The Return Of Emanne Beasha

Jill O'Rourke
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Tuesday marked the third week of the quarterfinals on AGT, featuring the return of Golden Buzzer acts Emanne Beasha and Detroit Youth Choir. Twelve acts performed live, but only seven of them will make it through to the semifinals.

Last week’s episode may have featured the two worst performances in AGT history, as well as arguably the best. On the whole, this week’s show was definitely an improvement. The judges were divided over a few of the acts, but overall the feedback was quite positive. America will have a tough decision to make.

Detroit Youth Choir that is Terry Crew’s Golden Buzzer has our heart, do they have your vote?

Detroit Youth Choir stole our hearts on AGT tonight

This inspiring choir earned the Golden Buzzer from host Terry Crews during their audition. This week, they performed “The Champion” by Carrie Underwood and Ludacris. The crowd went wild for them, and Gabrielle Union said they are “inspiring a nation.” Julianne Hough added that they are “bigger than AGT.” Simon Cowell said this performance was better than the first one.

Dogs are awwdorable okay? But Lukas and Falco are so much more than that! There is a reason Simon Cowell has nothing bad to say about them, which is pretty darn good in AGT books.

Lukas & Falco On AGT made Simon Cowell melt

This charming dog act returned to the stage with a new routine. Falco jumped with a jump rope, leapt through a hoop, and performed various other tricks. Simon said Falco was better than Lukas. Gabrielle praised them for actually performing new tricks. Howie Mandel, however, disagreed, earning the buzzer from Simon and Julianne.

Magician Dom Chambers leaves us all spellbound. Can another Magician win AGT once again like Shin Lin?

Dom Chambers on AGT proved he is here to stay, watch out Eric Chien

This unique magician’s latest routine involved him interacting with multiple versions of himself on a large screen. He then included the entire audience and everyone watching at home in a fun trick that ended with a cameo from past contestant Tape Face. “You make magic cool,” Julianne told him. Simon called it “genius.”

Shy 14-year-old wows not just Simon Cowell but all of us! Benicio Bryant has our heart.

Benicio Bryant on AGT is a natural talent as Simon Cowell said.

This talented 14-year-old singer returned to perform another original song. Julianne said she was a fan of the song, and Simon said he has a “natural talent.” However, he thought the song needed to be stripped down more. Howie, meanwhile, received boos from the audience after saying he wasn’t a fan of the song.

Unimpressed, we don’t agree with you Howie Mandel.

Gonzo on AGT got buzzed by Simon Cowell and if we had a buzzer, we would do the same!

This quirky tambourine player appeared on stage with several young backup dancers this week. He ended up jumping on a giant tambourine trampoline. Simon buzzed the act. However, Howie gave him a standing ovation. This time, some of the audience members booed him for his positive comments.

When Simon Cowell calls you “one of the most talented people” to appear on the show, you’ve kind of already won, right Marcin Patrzalek?

Marcin Patrzalek on AGT is “one of the most talented people” to appear on the show

This young guitarist brought his impressive skills back to the AGT stage and earned a standing ovation from all four judges. Gabrielle said he’s “revolutionizing the guitar for a whole new generation.” Julianne said it made her want to dance. Simon called Marcin “one of the most talented people” ever to appear on the show.

Erin Chien has seen better days and let’s hope tomorrow is one of them.

Eric Chien Eric Chien on AGT was underwhelming, proving once and for all that he is no shim Lin but then again, who is?

This creative close-up magician brought Julianne on stage for a trick involving chocolate and Rubik’s cubes. Howie said he thinks there’s room for both Eric and Dom Chambers in the competition. Gabrielle said he “put everybody on notice.” However, Simon said he thought Dom had a better performance tonight.

Berywam wowed us but is it good enough to match Kodi Lee or V. Unbeatables?

Berywam on AGT was awesome and Gabrielle said they killed it but really do they stand a chance against Kodi Lee or V. Unbeatable?

This quartet of beatboxers delivered another impressive a cappella performance this week, and earned a standing ovation from the judges. Simon predicted that people would either love it or hate it, but praised them for taking a risk. Gabrielle said they “killed it.”

Simon Cowell did not love his performance, did you?

Matthew Richardson got buzzed by Simon Cowell because Simon thinks Matt is not going any further but everyone disagrees

This aerial performer was chosen as this week’s wildcard act. He embraced his second chance and performed a new routine spinning in a hoop which eventually lifted off the ground. Simon buzzed the act, and said “it’s not going any further” than past performances. Julianne, however, called it “phenomenal.”

MacKenzie sings… but is that enough to make it to AGT finals?

MacKenzie on AGT was soulful and overwhelming but is his song a little, “been there, done that!”

This church singer returned to the AGT stage to perform a soulful rendition of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars.” Howie wasn’t sure if it was enough for America to vote him through to the next round. Julianne said the performance missed something, and she wanted to connect with him more.

Jackie Fabulous was fabulous per usual on AGT tonight.

Jackie Fabulous on AGT

This comedian brought a new routine to the stage with plenty of jokes about dating. Gabrielle said she “can’t wait for your special,” calling her a “star.” Simon said it felt like she “belonged” in the Dolby Theatre, and told her he loved her naughtiness.

I don’t understand Opera but she’s 10 and Emanne Beasha sings it better than anyone I have ever heard.

Emanne Beasha is safe tomorrow night, I am not even worried about it but the real question is this: Is she the real competition to Kodi Lee and V. unbeatable?

This 10-year-old opera singer was Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer act. She brought her stunning voice back to the stage this week, and Simon said she was “on a different planet” from the other performers. Julianne called her an “icon” and said she was “in awe” of her.

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