‘AGT’ Recap: Julianne Hits Her Golden Buzzer As Audition Round Ends With a Bang!

Julia Delbel
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This week was the last auditions episode of America’s Got Talent Season 14, and we saw some potential contenders among this group of acts. We also found out who got Julianne Hough’s Golden Buzzer!


Simply hearing that Gonzo’s talent was playing the tambourine doesn’t sound too impressive, but he can actually squeeze a fair amount of entertainment out of it, which he certainly did for his audition. Howie adored it, Simon called it “bonkers”, and Julianne couldn’t get past his glaring white sneakers. After all was said and done, Gonzo advanced to the next round!

Olivia Cantante

Olivia is a detention officer in Florida with dreams of becoming a singer. Julianne said she made the song her own, while Simon loved the “drama” she brought to the performance. Howie wasn’t feeling it, but the other three judges were, so Olivia made it through.

Duo MainTenanT

These two are a real-life couple, so it was no wonder why the chemistry in their sensual acrobatic routine was off the charts! The judges loved it and they moved forward to the next round.


Decked out in gold, Ra’ed took to the AGT stage to sing his original song “Celebration”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the showstopper the judges were hoping for. All four red buzzers were pressed, but the audience did give him a standing ovation on his way out.

Revolution Queens

These ladies came all the way from Argentina to show off their Malambo skills! They were fierce and powerful, especially knowing that this style of dance is traditionally performed by men only. The judges unanimously voted for them to move on!

The Sentimentalists

This mentalist duo did a few fun tricks involving drawings from the judges and audiences and a wind machine. The magic itself was cool, but there was a disconnect with the presentation here, with Steffi giving off the mysterious and creepy vibe we usually see with these acts while Mysterion was acting more like a used car salseman. Either single approach could have worked really well, but they didn’t mesh together very well. Regardless, Gabrielle and Julianne enjoyed it and the pair managed to win Simon over with one more trick to get three yeses.

Chris Klafford

From a small town in Sweden to America’s Got Talent (with another big break or two in between) Chris delivered a unique take on John Lennon’s “Imagine” that thoroughly impressed the judges. Unsurprisingly, he received unanimous yeses!

Matthew Richardson

Matthew was relatively late to the acrobatics game (got inspired to take it up at the age of 18 and started in his 20’s) but you wouldn’t know it from watching his audition! He showed so much range in talent with just a simple hoop, and the judges were absolutely loving it…well, Simon wasn’t quite loving it, but he still voted to send him forward along with the other judges!

Robert Finley

Robert’s original country song “Get It While You Can” blew the roof off the theater! He waited a long time for his big moment as a performer, and it’s finally here. The judges and patrons all adored him, and he’ll be back for the next round!

Kara with a “K”

A “comedy buffet” according to Howie, Kara not only delivered some great stand-up….but also some chips from her bra. Julianne loved her realness, and she and the other judges all voted for her to advance.

Luke Islam – Julianne Houg’s Golden Buzzer

Luke is a big fan of Broadway and is always trying to get tickets to see shows playing there, so it only made sense that his audition song was “She Used to Be Mine” from the musical Waitress. He’s also a big fan of Julianne, who ended up using her Golden Buzzer on him!

Read some more facts about Luke Islam here

That’s it for the Season 14 auditions, but AGT will be back next week with the first episode of Judge Cuts!

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