‘AGT’ Recap: Jay Leno Hits Golden Buzzer For Young Singer + A Stressful Elimination

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Tuesday night marked Week 4 of Judge Cuts on America’s Got Talent, with seven more acts moving on to the live shows. This week, AGT welcomed comedian and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno as a guest judge. Who got the Golden Buzzer? Who’s going to the live shows? Let’s take a look.

Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer

Emanne Beasha ايمان بيشه Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer on ‘AGT’ Judge Cuts

Emanne Beasha, a 10-year-old opera singer, brought her unicorn plushie with her for good luck before her latest appearance, and it clearly worked.

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Her stunning performance brought the audience and judges to their feet. “You show them how it’s done,” Howie Mandel said. Meanwhile, Jay Leno was so impressed, he hit the Golden Buzzer for her.

The Acts Going To The Live Shows

Three singing acts, a magician, a comedian, and a contortionist were chosen by the judges to join Emanne in the live shows. It was clearly a difficult decision, as they mentioned constantly throughout the episode.

Voices of Service

This group of servicemen and women is using their voices to help veterans with PTSD. They performed “See You Again” in honor of those who are no longer with us. “Your voices inspire, they heal, they provide hope,” Gabrielle Union told them.

Eric Chien

This clever magician called this “one of my favorite acts.” He got up close with the judges and spoke about the power of imagination while performing amazing sleight of hand. Julianne Hough said he makes it seem like “anything is possible,” while Howie said he’s “upped [his] game” since last time.

Marina Mazepa

This dancer from Ukraine shocked and intrigued the judges with her contortionist act in her audition. This time, she terrified Howie and Simon in a routine that totally reinvented “pole dancing.” Jay called it “art,” while Julianne praised her originality. “We don’t have a clue what is going to happen,” Simon Cowell said of her act.

Charlotte Summers

This 13-year-old singer from Spain returned to perform “You Don’t Own Me” with a voice beyond her years. Jay praised her for choosing such an empowering song, while Simon said he understood it if other acts were nervous to compete with her.

Jackie Fabulous

This lawyer-turned-comedian told jokes about her mom, who was in the audience. She also spoke about how she reacts to Los Angeles as a New Yorker. Jay enjoyed it so much, he shouted “Amen!” when she asked for it. He praised her for getting to the point quickly.

Benicio Bryant

This talented young singer chose to perform an original song called “Here Goes Nothing” on the guitar. Jay told him he has “an old soul,” and added that he felt like he was “looking directly into your heart.”

During the final judgment, there was a strange moment in which Simon sent Benicio and fellow singer Jordan Ravi backstage, and it sounded like he might have changed his mind about something. In the end, only Benicio made it through.

The Eliminated Acts

Not everyone could make it through to the live shows, and sadly the show had to say goodbye to these acts, as well as a few others (such as juggler Victor Moiseev and singer Nicholas Connors) who were only shown briefly.

Dominguez Poodles

“I hear dogs,” Simon said excitedly as this charming family act returned. The pooches showed off some impressive tricks in a Vegas-themed routine that included jump rope and the world’s cutest conga line. Howie questioned if it was a “step up” from their audition. Simon called it “fantastic chaos.”

DM Nation

After Simon told them to bring more “personality” to their act, this all-female Canadian dance group set out to prove him wrong. They delivered a fierce performance to “Run Boy Run.” Simon still felt a “coldness,” but Jay said he was “blown away.”

Ben Trigger

After hitting the Golden Buzzer for himself in his audition, this outrageous Australian dancer returned to show a “more serious side.” Of course, that was all an act, as the routine turned hilariously flashy in no time. And obviously he had to hit the Golden Buzzer again. The judges and audience clearly had a lot of fun, but it wasn’t enough to send him through.

Jordan Ravi

This 19-year-old Australian busker returned with a heartfelt performance of the song “High Hopes.” Simon said it was a better audition than his first, while Jay said he “sounded great.” Unfortunately, he couldn’t compete with the others acts.

Callie Day

This church singer said she was “blessed” to be there but was planned on “hurtin’ a couple of folks” in the competition. She performed a passionate rendition of “Up to the Mountain.” The judges gave her a standing ovation, and Julianne tearfully told her she “captured my heart.” It was clearly difficult for them to let her go.

Kara with a K

This outrageous comedian certainly brought plenty of energy to her latest performance, which included a bizarre strip tease in which she removed her wig and eyelashes. Jay didn’t think there were “enough jokes,” while Howie said it was “crazy disappointing.”

Jonathan Burns

This funny contortionist recruited Terry Crews as his assistant for his weird act. Simon and Howie both buzzed him. Simon called it “awful,” while Gabrielle tried to be a little nicer by saying they were still “fans.” Not enough to let him through, though.

What do you think of this week’s results? Did your favorites make it through? Let us know in the comments!


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