‘AGT’ Recap: Death, Tears and A FAKE Golden Buzzer! [Videos]

Julia Delbel
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This week’s fifth episode of America’s Got Talent was full of music, with lots of singing and dancing acts auditioning for the show. Who were the best of the bunch? So let’s get into our weekly AGT recap and take a look at all the performances we witnessed this evening!

Nick & Lindsey Williams – Opera Danger Act

Nick Williams is an opera singer while his wife Lindsay Williams is a violinist…or so we were made to believe. During Nick’s song, she threw knives at a board he was standing in front of with her hands, feet, and while wearing a blindfold. Most of the judges loved the whole thing, but Simon was only really a fan of Lindsay’s self-taught knife throwing skills and only agreed to vote “yes” and retract his red buzzer if she threw one at him. (She happily obliged!)

Izzy & Easton – Dancing Duo

Izzy and Easton are young dance partners who performed a contemporary routine about a soldier called to war with a younger sister trying to prevent him from going. The routine was expertly choreographed and performed and there was a freshness to it a lot of the other dance acts on AGT have lacked. It was also refreshing to see kid dancers perform a routine that was actually age-appropriate and not about some passionate romance like we see so often. Even the judges not normally into this kind of dancing enjoyed it, and Izzy and Eason got four yeses.

Jordan Lemont – Singer

Jordan Lamont is a singer-guitarist who sings an acoustic version of “Let’s Stay Together”, before Simon pulls out the old song-switcheroo on him. However, he wasn’t a fan of his other choice either, and told him to leave and come back with something more “risky”. There were still some issues when he returned, but he eventually managed to impress the judges enough to get the votes to move on. The question is, will he manage to perform well-enough to their liking in the future considering how long it took him to get there this time?

Death – Comedy

In a surprising turn of events, it turns out Death is a stand-up comedian, and he came to audition for AGT. Unfortunately, the judges all red-buzz him and he is eliminated on the spot (or dead on arrival). It’s a shame because his pre-performance package was quite funny and there is certainly a market for his style of comedy.

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Ndlovu Youth Choir

Ndlovu Youth Choir came all the way from Africa and sang a song about their home and not letting poverty define a person. They were probably the best singing group so far this season and delighted the judges with their performance, earning themselves four yeses.

IDEGO – Virtual Reality

IDEGO brought Howie up onstage for a demonstration of their virtual reality technology used to help people conquer their phobias. The presentation was pretty cool and the judges absolutely loved it, but perhaps it would be better suited for some other platform – not a talent contest. (It was however quite funny seeing Howie freak out on a beam that was in reality only a few inches above the ground.)

Emanne Beasha – Opera Singer

Emanne Beasha is a 10-year-old opera singer who pretty much blows the roof off the place. She sounds fantastic, though her technique may have be a bit straining on her voice at times. Emanne says she’s nervous, but she does a great job projecting confidence onstage. The judges loved Emanne and all four of them gave her yeses.

Lucas & Falco – Dog Act

Lukas and 9-year-old border collie Falco delivered a fun country western routine. Simon said both Lukas and Falco both had great personalities and charisma, and the duo received four yeses!

Verba Shadow – Light Dance

Verba Shadow Dance Group performed a routine about a tragic love story and the judges voted for them to advance. The act was previewed before the show as one of the early released acts and we wrote about it (here). It was pretty well-done but we can’t help but notice a lot of the shadow acts tend to do similar stories. We are looking forwad and hoping to see some variety from them in the next round!

Ben Trigger – Dancer Entertainer

Ben Trigger came all the way from Australia to dance for the judges, and he certainly put on a show. He calls himself “Trigger Happy” and that is exactly what he did – he gave himself the Golden Buzzer! While it didn’t count as a real one, all four judges were wildly entertained and sent him through unanimously.

Next week’s AGT will be a recap of everything we’ve seen from Season 14 so far. The next episode of auditions we’ll air on July 9th, featuring Julianne’s actual Golden Buzzer!

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