‘AGT’ Quarterfinals 1 Results: Who’s Going To The Semifinals?

Jill O'Rourke
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The first round of AGT quarterfinals for Season 14 came to a close on Wednesday night. Seven out of Tuesday’s 12 acts were sent forward to the semifinals. This week’s results also came with an unforeseen twist.

As Terry Crews announced at the start of the show, due to a technical issue with voting, the Judges’ Choice was thrown out. The acts in 7th, 8th, and 9th place competed for the Dunkin’ Save in a live vote. America’s vote from Tuesday night decided the remaining six acts to move on.

The Top 6

These acts were sent straight through to the semifinals, having received the most votes from America’s viewers.

Alex Dowis
Luke Islam

Kodi Lee
Voices of Service
Messoudi Brothers
Greg Morton

There was a tense moment when both Kodi Lee and Voices of Service were called forward, with Terry Crews implying that only one act would make it through. In the end, he announced that both acts were moving on to the semifinals.

The Bottom 3

These three acts received the least amount of votes from AGT viewers, eliminating them immediately from the competition without the chance at a live save.

Carmen Carter

Bir Khalsa

Talent Recap predicted that both Carmen Carter and GFORCE would be eliminated immediately, although Bir Khalsa’s fate was a little more uncertain.

The Dunkin’ Save

These acts came in 7th, 8th, and 9th place. Viewers were given a half-hour vote to choose which of the three acts they wanted to save.

Ansley Burns
Emerald Belles
Sophie Pecora

In the end, America voted to send young country singer Ansley Burns through to the Semifinals. “I can’t express how I’m feeling,” Ansley said tearfully when Terry announced the news. This is especially exciting for her since she was eliminated in the Judge Cuts and chosen as this week’s wildcard act.

Bianca Ryan, Sofie Dossi, and Brian King Joseph

Tonight’s results show also featured an epic performance from three AGT favorites. Season 1 winner Bianca Ryan performed a haunting rendition of Linda Ronstadt’s “No Good,” accompanied by Season 13 finalist Brian King Joseph on violin. Meanwhile, Season 11 aerialist Sofie Dossi spun on a hoop over the stage.


Shin Lim Returns!

Season 13 (and Champions) winner Shin Lim returned to the AGT stage to perform a little up-close card magic with last week’s guest judge Jay Leno. His act got the whole audience (and viewers at home) involved.

What do you think of tonight’s results? Did your favorites make it to the semifinals? Who did you vote for in the Dunkin’ Save? Let us know in the comments.

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