‘AGT’ Quarter-Finals Episode #3 Results Recap

Julia Delbel
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It’s official: the America’s Got Talent Season 13 quarter-finals round is officially over. Once again, seven acts advanced, and the other five were eliminated.

Top 5

The five acts who received the most audience votes last night and moved on to the semi-finals were…

Us The Duo
Brian King Joseph
Michael Ketterer
Christina Wells

The advancement of all of these acts came as no surprise. Zurcaroh‘s routine was just out of this world and the other four acts provided nice music and emotional stories, two things the AGT audience eats right up. Congratulations to all of them!

Bottom 4

The four acts who received the least amount of votes from the viewers were automatically eliminated, with no chance to be saved. They were…

Joseph O’Brien
Rob Lake

The eliminations of Rob Lake and UDI weren’t too surprising after the mixed comments from the judges last night. Some fans had me entertaining the notion that Hans might make the Dunkin’ Save zone but his departure doesn’t come as a shock either.

What I was a little surprised by was the fact that Joseph O’Brien didn’t even make the bubble seeing as the mentality of the AGT demo seems to be “when it doubt, vote for a singer” but his performance was one of the weaker ones last night so I didn’t mind seeing him leave.

On The Bubble

The acts in sixth, seventh, and eighth place faced more voting in hopes of receiving one of two saves. These acts were…

Aaron Crow
Daniel Emmet
The Future Kingz

I was pretty much floored at this result. I didn’t think The Future Kingz had this much support, and on the flipside, I thought Daniel Emmet had way more. Aaron Crow was the least surprising to see in this position, but I thought that red buzzer from Mel last night meant he was done for.

Unsurprisingly, Daniel scored the audience “Dunkin’ Save” vote, leaving Aaron and The Future Kingz to face the judges. And after seeing the way this last segment played out, I’m pretty sure my theory that they deliberate and decide who will vote for which act over commercial break has some truth to it. I noticed Mel scooting back over to her spot at the table when the show was coming back on air for the verdict, and I found it very strange that both she and Heidi voted for Aaron when they really seemed to prefer the dancers last night.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the decision to send Aaron through over Future Kingz – neither was exactly spectacular last night but I think Aaron will help make for a more exciting semi-final – but it’s so awkward to watch the phony “drama” of the judges’ choice every week.

America’s Got Talent returns to NBC next Tuesday at 8/7c for the first episode of the semi-finals, but in the meantime you can check out this week’s guest performance from the Broadway cast of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical below!


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