‘AGT’ Predictions: Who Will Be the Last 5 Finalists?

Julia Delbel
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Tonight we will find out the last five acts to advance to the America’s Got Talent Season 14 finals, so we’re going to try to predict (key word: try) who they will be.

This week is much tougher to predict than last week, which we were pretty much spot-on about #bragstatus, because other than the top two acts on this list which have received near-universal acclaim and the bottom one which never really stood a chance at advancing anyway there really hasn’t been much talk about the acts last night. The general consensus seems to be that yesterday’s episode was better than last week’s show but I’m not really hearing about a lot of stand-out performances.

So yeah, I’m usually pretty confident in these lists but this week I’m straight-up telling you to take all of this with a grain of salt. Basically, I’m expecting the first two names to advance, the last to go home, and I won’t really be shocked if anyone listed third through tenth stays or goes.

Top 3: Automatically Advancing to The AGT Finals

V Unbeatable On AGT

V. Unbeatable wow the judges and Simon Cowell predicts they will be on AGT Finals

I was surprised to see one of the few clear highlights of the night and a frontrunner for the win be the first act up (way to make it go all downhill from the get-go, AGT) but I don’t think their odd placement in the running order is going to hurt their chances. What might, however, is the growing backlash against non-American acts competing on AGT. I don’t really see that being a legitimate threat to their votes until next week, though, and fully expect them to move on this evening.

Voices of Service On AGT

Voices Of Service: The Military Choir performs on AGT Semi-finals

I think with all the complaints of acts getting voted through based on “sob stories” or “pandering for votes” that we tend to forget some of the acts accused of doing this are actually good and worthy of advancing based on talent alone. There’s no doubt a decent amount of the Voices of Service vote is coming from supporters of veterans, but they’re also very good at what they do and have raised the bar for themselves each round and that will be what puts them over the top to make it through at this stage of the competition.

Emmane Beasha On AGT

Emmane Beasha on AGT Semi-finals

I’m kind of torn as to whether opera as a style of music is well-liked enough to send Emmane forward without going up for a save, but the feedback seems to be more positive than negative and she’s recently started to be heralded as a frontrunner for the win so…I suppose this is a safe guess for the last spot in the top 3?

Middle 3: Will Be Up For the Save on AGT Tonight

Ryan Niemiller

Ryan Niemiller on AGT Semi-finals. I think he’s going to be in the finale, do you?

Ryan got very mixed reviews last night, but I have a feeling a lot of the people disappointed by him still voted based on likability (despite the jokes being hit or miss for people, most can agree his stage presence and delivery are amazing) and/or the potential he’s shown us in previous performances and that could very well be enough to get him through.

Alex Dowis

A 9/11 tribute by Alex Dowis

Alex is sort of an enigma in this competition. He’s by far the most underrated act this season despite being more skilled than even some of the most popular acts (yeah, I said it) but what might get him in the end is his lack of personability compared to most of the others. However, I think he may have come in clutch with that timely 9/11 tribute last night. If he could make it through last round with a divisive story that turned a lot of voters off, it seems reasonable to think he could this time as well with a more universal theme.

Marcin Patrzalek

Marcin Patrzalek on FIRE

This might be a hilariously off prediction but Marcin showed up last night when a lot of others didn’t and I think seeing him barely scrape by last round may have woken a lot of voters up to him. I don’t think for a second he’s making top 3 but he just might be able to pull a Ndlovu Youth Choir and get a second judges’s save.Bottom 5: Automatically Eliminated On AGT Tonight

Luke Islam

Luke Islam, the 12 year old that is already a Broadway sensation

I may be severely underestimating Luke’s popularity, and to be honest it wouldn’t be entirely shocking if he ended up in the top 3 with V Unbeatable and Voices of Service. This may be projecting but to me, he was the most forgettable act last night and I wouldn’t be surprised if others shared the same lack of memory when it came to his performance.

Detroit Youth Choir

Detriut Youth Choir on AGT

If these kids have enough family members voting they might be able to crack the Dunkin’ Save zone, but they were totally outshone by the other group acts this episode (plus fellow choir Ndlovu last week) and their performance was a clear step down.

Chris Kläfford

Chris Klafford takes a big risk with an original song but will it pay off?

Here’s another act I wouldn’t be totally shocked to see get a double save, but I have a feeling a lot of his supporters are from outside America and ineligible to vote. Plus I think like with Eric Chien last week, Simon may have gotten to the audience with his weird, nonsensical comments again. Sorry, Chris.

Dom Chambers

bugbye Dom Chambers.

I know a lot of people really want to see a magician go through to “avenge” Eric’s elimination and that Dom has been dubbed the annual “hot magician”, but do they really want to see a less-skilled magician beat him? Dom is a lot of fun and his presentation is great, but the tricks themselves are fairly basic and that lack of difficulty is very likely to finally catch up with him tonight.

Lukas & Falco

Lukas and Falco aren’t here to stay. Sorry Simon

I’m not even going to bother criticize this one because we all knew they weren’t going through no matter how well they did (though it would be so cool to see a semi-finals wildcard advance to the finals one day). So I’ll just comment on how it was very cute that Falco was humble enough about his mistakes to buzz himself, and the way Lukas handled him was so sweet.

Who do you think will make it to the finals? Let us know in the comments!

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