‘AGT’ Finale Predictions: Top 5 And The WINNER!

Julia Delbel
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Last night was the last chance for the ten remaining acts on America’s Got Talent to win over the country and become champion of Season 14. Here’s how we’re thinking tonight’s results show is going to shake out..

Our Predictions for America’s Got Talent Finale Tonight

The Bottom 5

Ryan Niemiller

Comedy is often very divisive, which is probably why we haven’t seen a full-on comedy act win AGT yet. But the good news for Ryan is that pretty much every comedian to make it to the finals has gone on to have a pretty good career for themselves, moreso than most other genres of act. The future is looking bright for our “Cripple Threat”!

Benicio Bryant

I thought we were gonna be looking at a top 3 finish for Benicio, but after last night it seems doubtful he’ll even make the top 5. But AGT wasn’t Benicio’s first big break, and I don’t think it’ll be his last either.

Emmane Beasha

Emmane is undoubtedly fantastic at what she does. Unfortunately, opera is a style of music that tends to have a ceiling when it comes to support from AGT viewers, and the fact that she barely managed to even make it to the finals tells me she’s probably already hit it.

Light Balance Kids

They really showed up last night to deliver something fun and a bit different from what we saw from them previously. If they were the only dance group remaining I think they’d have a better shot at cracking top 5 but with the lineup we have V Unbeatable is overshadowing them so they probably won’t rank that high.

Detroit Youth Choir

There’s been a lot of talk about certain acts making it far based on their backstories, personal struggles, and status as homeland/sentimental favorites more than their actual talent. And I think if any act is being carried by this, it’s DYC. They’re just clearly not as skilled as the rest of the acts in the finals, especially compared to our other two remaining singing groups. That said, if any of the acts I have in the bottom 5 manage to squeeze into the top half of the results, it’ll probably be DYC. Detroit is going wild for them, and there’s even been reports of “vote for DYC!” messages being displayed on the local news. I don’t think it’s going to be quite enough to get them to the top 5, but stranger things have happened on this show.

Top 5 (In order of Placement)

5. Ndlovu Youth Choir

I think this group is going to be the sleeper hit of Season 14. And yes, I know that’s a bold claim considering they barely scraped through in both the quarterfinals and semifinals. However, they were surprisingly given the “pimp spot” (last of the night) this week and looking around the internet that placement in the running order seems to have helped them resonate in people’s minds and realize “hey, these kids are actually pretty good!”. I was very surprised to see more buzz about them this morning than acts like Benicio and Ryan, but they really did raise the bar for themselves last night so I wouldn’t call a top 5 finish for them undeserved. (And if Samuel J. Comroe could place higher than both Courtney Hadwin and Michael Ketterer last season – the latter of whom beat him in votes the previous round – all bets for finale results are pretty much off from now on.)

4. Voices of Service

I’m not really sure whether or not I actually see this group placing (AKA making the top 5 and having your number placement officially announced) but I guess it’s a relatively safe bet since they made it through both of their previous live weeks without being in the Dunkin’ Save. They’re probably the best of the singers this season from a pure talent perspective, and it’s been great to see America embrace group acts (singing and otherwise) more this year.

3. Tyler Butler-Figureroa

I thought the hardest placement decision for this list was going to come down to who to put in first and who in second, but after last night it’s more like who gets second and who gets third. Since Tyler hasn’t been considered a major front runner like the two forthcoming acts, I’m putting him here, the same spot that fellow violinist Brian King Joseph finished in last season (looking forward to their inevitable duet during tonight’s show). Want to find out more about who else is dueting tonight? Read this article!

2. V Unbeatable

Even though this seems to have been the year group acts and diversity have been at the forefront on AGT, I no longer think V Unbeatable has a shot at winning. And it’s not because of their talent, them not being American (yes, that’s been a common complaint from viewers), or the fact that they’re a group act. My prediction was sealed at the beginning of the sow by one factor: the running order. We’ve seen acts who have opened the show on finale night finish third. We’ve seen acts who have opened the show on finale night finish second. But never in this history of AGT has an act who opened the show on finale night taken the top spot (and the same is true on most other talent shows). Way to take away the excitement and debate over who’s going to win, AGT.

1. Kodi Lee

All this week I thought V Unbeatable’s momentum may have grown just enough to grab the win, but last night it quickly became clear that victory is firmly in Kodi’s grasp. Kodi won’t be a bad winner by any means, it’s just a little underwhelming that something as simple as the running order the acts performed in took away the suspense of what could have been a nail-biting finale.

Tell us which act had your favorite performance last night in the comments below, and check out some fun photos of the finalists on the AGT website before the finale starts tonight at 8/7 c on NBC!

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