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WHAT! On AGT?? SHE Is Performing On The AGT Quarter Finals Tonight? I Can’t Believe It.

Mriganka Chawla

Mriganka Chawla

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We’ve reached the last week of quarter-finals on America’s Got Talent Season 14, so we’re taking a look at this week’s lineup and seeing who might be most likely to move forward in the competition!Plus there is a VERY special Guest Star this week!

Kodi Lee and V. Unbeatable seem like top competition but if it comes down to just both of them, who will win AGT?

This week the guest star for the Wednesday results show needs no introduction. We’re talking about legendary singer/actress Cher! While AGT has had big time guest artists on in the past, Cher is a serious powerhouse. I hope she sings If I Could Turn Back Time. I’m old enough to remember the furor her video caused in the late 80’s as she danced around half naked on a battleship. It was a simpler time.

Which Acts Are Competing on AGT tonight ?

But Tuesday nights show is all about the finals that have made it this far in AGT. This is the final group battling it out for a spot in the semi-finals. The 12 acts fighting for 7 semi-final places this week include:

  • Singer Benicio Bryant
  • Beatboxing group Berywam
  • Detroit Youth Choir
  • Magician Dom Chambers
  • Opera singer Emanne Beasha
  • Close-up magician Eric Chien
  • Dancer and tambourinist Gonzo
  • Stand-up comedian Jackie Fabulous
  • Dog act Lukas & Falco
  • Singer MacKenzie
  • Guitarist Marcin Patrzalek
  • WILDCARD wheel acrobat Matthew Richardson

Emanne Beasha, the opera singer on AGT that will leave you spell bounded.

The Vocal Acts on AGT Tonight

There are five vocal acts this week. Two of them, Benicio Bryant and MacKenzie, seem like locks to advance. Opera singers have been hit-and-miss when it comes to getting votes on this show, but I think Emmane Beasha has a good chance as well. Detroit Youth Choir, on the other hand, might be in some trouble. Ndolvu Youth Choir barely made it through last week and they seem to be more popular than DYC. Berywam could go either way since we haven’t really seen an act like their’s in the AGT live shows yet!

The Instrumental Acts on AGT Tonight

The two instrumental acts have gotten polar opposite reactions so far. Marcin Patrzalek has become a fan favorite and was deemed a legitimate contender to win by Julianne. Many fans criticized the judges for putting Gonzo through to the live shows.

Eric Chien on AGT, Judge cuts surprising Simon Cowell, Harvey Mandel and other judges

The Magicians on AGT

Speaking of twos, we also have two magicians this week, Dom Chambers and Eric Chien. Both of which I expect to have much better showings than the disaster that was The Sentimentalists last Tuesday. Both could advance, but if one falls victim to split votes I think it’ll be Dom. Eric has been a fan favorite since the very first episode of the season and it seems likely he’s on track for a finale finish.

Mathew Richardson on AGT

A Comedian, A Dog Act, And The Wildcard Act on AGT

Finally we have Jackie FabulousLukas & Falco, and Matthew Richardson. All of them I believe have a shot at making it but aren’t locks. Jackie probably has the best chance of these three to move on, I just don’t think it’s as sure a thing as with some of the other acts. Fans have been clamoring for a Matthew return ever since his Judge Cuts boot…but they did the same with Ansley Burns and she had to rely on the Dunkin’ Save to advance. And Lukas & Falco are a dog act and don’t have too much competition for the “cute factor” this week, but they need to step it up from what we’ve seen of them so far.

Who are you rooting for this week on AGT? Tell us in the comments below!

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