‘AGT’ Finale Leak: Simon Cowell Calls Marcelito Pomoy ‘Predictable’ — Fans Outraged

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In a leaked video of the upcoming ‘AGT: The Champions’ finale, Simon Cowell is seen calling Marcelito Pomoy ‘predictable’. In his last performance of the series, Pomoy sung Beauty And The Beast, which was not to Cowell’s liking at all. Find out why Simon’s comments are making fans furious.



Simon Cowell calls Marcelito Pomoy’s finale performance ‘predictable’

Tomorrow night’s finale will decide the winner of ‘AGT: The Champions’. In a leaked video, released early this morning, Marcelito Pomoy hit the stage once more hoping to be crowned the winner.

In the leaked video, the judges’ comments were mostly positive after Pomoy’s rendition of ‘Beauty And The Beast’. However, Cowell wasn’t too impressed by Marcelito’s song choice, calling it ‘predictable’. Here is Cowell’s response in FULL:

You are very nice, very talented guy, I gotta tell you. You really really are. And this was even better than the last performance you did. Much much better. However, if it was my choice, on a night like this, I would have done something less predictable.

Simon Cowell

Simon’s comments were interrupted by Alesha, doubting Simon’s comments saying, ‘How is that predictable?!’. Of course, Cowell’s comments were met with huge disapproval from the panel and audience.

The songs he’s chosen are very safe, I get it, you know they are popular songs. But I just think on tonight if he had done something out of his comfort zone, like a shock to everybody.

Simon Cowell


Fans respond to Simon’s comments

Cowell IS NOT getting away with this one. We can be sure of that. Fans of the show are in outrage over Cowell’s lack of appreciation for Pomoy’s talent. Here are some of the most liked comments to the video.

Give this guy the title or I’m done watching this show. Simon Cowell be fair enough and accept the fact that Marcelito is the real winner since day 1.

Fan Comment via YouTube

How about asking other contestants to do something “outside of their comfort zone”, like asking the other girl singer-contestant to do a dual voice, asking dancers to do a comedy act, asking a magician to dance, etc…JUST DICTATE what they should do in their acts then, and see what happens, what about that SIMON???

Fan Comment via YouTube

C’ommon Simon. Predictable? Going out to his comfortzone? Risk? How he could do that? If the song he sung was choseen by your musical team according to your instruction and command.

Fan comment via YouTube

Marcelito has already made it clear that AGT producers choose the song, out of the ten he puts down to perform. It’s no surprise that Simon’s response was pre-determined to make sure that super fans do not choose Pomoy. After huge outrage last year over V. Unbeatable, producers of the show are relying on V. Unbeatable to take the winner’s title, protecting the show’s legacy.

All this comes as a shock to fans, especially after Cowell’s golden buzzer was for a group of dancing stormtroopers. It doesn’t get any more ‘predictable’ than that, does it, Simon Cowell?


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

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