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‘AGT’ Fans Shook: Is Simon Cowell’s New Face Due To Vegan Diet Or Botox?

Mriganka Chawla

Mriganka Chawla

If you watched this week’s AGT live shows, you might have noticed something different about judge Simon Cowell’s face. And you wouldn’t be the only one. Simon’s new look was the trending on Twitter.

In real time, can you spot the difference in Simon Cowell’s face from the Judges Cut?

Here is Cowell’s Red Carpet interview with Talent Recap. No, Simon wasn’t replaced by an impostor. There’s an explanation for the change taking place in his appearance, over the past several months.

Now, there might be some Botox involved or not, one can never say when it comes to Hollywood.

As per, Simon, 59, decided to make drastic lifestyle changes after falling down the stairs in the middle of the night in October 2017.

After being rushed to the hospital, he was told he had to give up foods like sausage rolls and burgers.

Previously while talking to The Sun the had said that, “within 24 hours I changed my diet and I’ve not looked back since. You feel better, you look better.”

“I cut out a lot of the stuff I shouldn’t have been eating and that was primarily meat, dairy, wheat, sugar — those were the four main things,” Cowell added.

So how much weight did Simon Cowell lose?

America’s Got Talent judge has gone vegan and lost 20 pounds. Wondering how much is that in kilo grams for all of you not bound by the metric system?

20 pounds is 9.071 Kgs.

Simon Cowell’s weight loss is once again shedding light on the vegan diet that everybody and their mother happens to be on.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Ellen De Generes, Liam Hemsworth, Portia Di Rossi are vegan and proud.

What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet is part of veganism but should not be confused with a vegan lifestyle. The difference is that a person who follows a vegan diet does not eat animal products, including dairy and eggs. A person who is a vegan is different because full frontal veganism is all about not just eating but also buying, wearing or promoting animal produced or derived products.

Let’s not confuse the two because Simon Cowell has only confirmed to him following a vegan diet and not becoming a vegan.

Read on for the internet’s reaction, and a little history.

What Twitter Had To Say About Simon Cowell’s Before After

Obviously, Twitter users had a lot of jokes to make about Simon’s new look this week, here are our top picks.

Is their more than just a vegan diet to Simon Cowell’s Face ?

Some people might disagree with the assessment that the changes to Cowell’s face are due to his vegan diet.

Just compare the above before and after photos which were taken this week and earlier this year during AGT: The Champions.

Simon Cowell before after. Can it just be a vegan diet or it is Botox?
Simon Cowell before after. Is just vegan diet or is there more to his face?

That’s a pretty drastic change, isn’t it?

Simon has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery in the past. He’s said he got “a little too much Botox,” and last year he shared that he had undergone a facelift. He hasn’t admitted to having work done more recently, but gossip blogger Perez Hilton suspects he might have.

Perhaps the combination of previous facial work and the recent weight loss is responsible for Simon’s new look. However, the change seems to be quite recent, considering he looks different from the pre-recorded episodes of AGT from this earlier season.

Tuesday marked the first live show of the season, and the change was drastic enough to get people talking. We’ll just have to wait and see if Simon addresses it in the near future. Either way, we doubt the jokes will stop.

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