‘AGT Champions’ Round 4: This Golden Buzzer Act Will Make You Cry

Jill O'Rourke
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Silhouettes receives the Golden Buzzer on "AGT Champions"NBC

AGT: The Champions Season 2 continued on Monday night, as the fourth week of preliminary performances kicked off.  This was the last week before the semifinals. Some acts brought their A game, while others didn’t do so well with the judges.

This year, ten acts will compete in each preliminary round. Three of them will move on to the semifinals, while one Golden Buzzer act will be sent straight through to the finals. Check out the fourth week’s performances below.


Watch ‘AGT Champions’ Round 4 Acts

Christian and Percy

Christian formerly performed his acrobatic routine on AGT with his dog Scooby, who is now retired. He now performs with Percy, and the pair has a show in Las Vegas. Christian performed gymnastics moves with Percy crawling over him or balancing on his feet and back. The judges praised them, with Simon Cowell calling Percy a “star.”

Voices of Service

This group of singing army veterans made it to the Top 5 last season on AGT. They received an amazing response from many viewers who suffer from PTSD. The group said they intend to win this time. Tonight, they performed “Brother” by Kodaline. Alesha Dixon told them, “The soul is just bursting out of all of you.” Heidi Klum called their voices “weapons of inspiration” and “weapons of hope.”

JJ Pantano

This 7-year-old competed on Australia’s Got Talent and received the Golden Buzzer. The judges expected him to sing, but instead he performed comedy, roasting each of the judges and host Terry Crews. He even made a joke about Simon’s “new look”! Heidi called him “hilarious” and a “little star.” Howie said he wanted to grow up to be “as funny as you.”

Emil Rengle

This high-heeled dancer is the first openly gay contestant on Romania’s Got Talent, which he won. For his AGT debut, Emil danced to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.” Simon and Howie buzzed him in the middle of the act. They said it wasn’t good enough for Champions, although Alesha told him that women will understand what it’s like to dance in high heels.

Golden Buzzer: Silhouettes

Howie was excited to see this shadow dance group back on the show, saying he measures every similar act against them since they appeared on Season 6. The group came in second place, and now they’re back to win. Tonight, they performed an emotional story about the bond between a dog and human. Simon said it’s “why we have made this show.” Alesha loved it so much, she hit the Golden Buzzer.


Bring King Joseph

This Season 13 AGT violinist came in third place. He shared his story of living with neuropathy, a nerve disease. He bought health insurance after appearing on the show, and said he has more “strength” to chase his dream. Tonight, he performed an original song, starting out in the audience and making his way to the stage. Alesha said she loved Brian’s “energy.” Simon said he’s capable of something “different,” although he said he’s one of the most talented musicians ever on the show.

Connie Talbot

This young singer was the runner-up on the first season of Britain’s Got Talent when she was 6 years old. Now 19, Connie has released four albums. On AGT, she performed an original song on the piano. Heidi said her voice is “beautiful” and said the song would be a perfect first dance song at a wedding. Simon said she “nailed it.” Alesha called it a “full circle moment.”

Sandou Trio Russian Bar

This acrobatic act was eliminated in the semifinals of Season 6 after a strange upside-down-piano performance. Cassie Sandou said she was “embarrassed” after they were eliminated, but they’re back for “redemption.” Cassie called tonight’s performance “the most dangerous thing that I’ve ever done,” as she performed blindfolded. Alesha said they’re “not playing,” and that they “came here to win.” Simon called it “absolutely incredible” and said it was the best of the night.


Bars & Melody

This singing and rapping duo performed on BGT when they were young teenagers, and earned the Golden Buzzer from Simon. They reached third place, and are ready to break onto the American stage. Tonight, they performed an original song together. Howie buzzed the act, and said it wasn’t anything he hasn’t “seen before.” Alesha said they seemed nervous, but she liked the song.

Strauss Serpent

This contortionist won Africa’s Got Talent in 2017. He says winning AGT would be “the greatest dream of his life.” He started his career by performing in the streets, and was arrested several times. Tonight, he amazed the AGT judges by putting his body into impossible positions and dislocating his shoulders. Heidi said he was “on another level.” Howie joked that he would “bend over backwards” to win. Simon called it “one of my favorite acts tonight.”

‘AGT Champions’ Round 4 Results

Two acts were chosen by the superfans to move on to the semifinals, along with one Judges’ Choice act. Tonight, the superfan vote went to Strauss Serpent and Sandou Trio Russian Bar, while the judges chose to put JJ Pantano through. The Silhouettes, meanwhile, will go straight to the finals thanks to their Golden Buzzer.

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