‘AGT Champions’ Finals: Which Last-Chance Performance Deserves To Win?

Jill O'Rourke
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AGT: The Champions Season 2 continued on Monday night, as 10 acts competed in the finals. Four of the acts were Golden Buzzer recipients from earlier in the season, while the other six were voted through by the superfans (and, in one case, the judges).

Tonight’s show featured some incredible performances, as the contestants pulled out all the stops. Of course, that didn’t stop Simon Cowell from giving a few negative critiques, but what do you expect? Check out all of the performances below.

Watch The ‘AGT Champions’ Finals Performances

Alexa Lauenburger

This 11-year-old dog trainer and Germany’s Got Talent winner returned to the stage with her talented pups. This time, they jumped, ran, and danced in a conga line. Alesha Dixon said the dogs “melt my heart.” Howie Mandel said she “nailed it.” However, Simon Cowell said it wasn’t as good as her previous performances.

Duo Transcend

This acrobatic couple earned the Judges’ Choice in the semifinals. Tonight, they performed a sexy blindfolded trapeze act. The judges and audience were on the edge of their seats. Alesha said they “nailed it,” and Heidi Klum called them “captivating.” Simon said it was their best performance, because of the risk they took.

Angelina Jordan

This 13-year-old Norway’s Got Talent winner received the Golden Buzzer from Heidi. Tonight, she returned to the stage to perform “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John. Heidi said Angelina made her proud, and called her a “superstar.” Alesha called her an “old soul,” and Simon praised her for taking a risk.


Boogie Storm

Simon Cowell hit the Golden Buzzer to send these dancing Stormtroopers through to the finals, causing some controversy. Tonight’s performance started with a Star Wars-themed introduction from Simon’s son Eric. Howie buzzed the performance. Alesha said she was “pleasantly surprised.” Simon said “the dark side has become the light side.”

The Silhouettes

This shadow dance group from AGT received Alesha’s Golden Buzzer. Tonight’s performance told an emotional story about a family dealing with homelessness. It ended with the dancers spelling the word “kindness.” Alesha was in tears, and Howie said they deserved to be there. However, Simon didn’t think it was good as last time.


This one-of-a-kind performer proved Simon wrong when he was voted through to the finals by the superfans. Tonight, he performed “Let’s Get Loud” and had the audience on their feet. Simon buzzed the act and called it “torture.” Alesha said, “This is terrible, but it’s so much fun.”

Tyler Butler-Figueroa

This young violinist from AGT was voted through to the finals by the superfans. Tonight, he performed a haunting rendition of the iconic song “Hallelujah” on his violin. Simon said he might have a shot at winning the show, while Heidi praised him for holding his own against the other champions.

V. Unbeatable

After receiving the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel, this Indian dance group returned for an incredible performance. Tonight’s routine involved bicycles, rolling tires, and moves that made Howie Mandel bow down to them. He called them the best act on any Got Talent show. Alesha called it “pure brilliance.”


Marcelito Pomoy

This Filipino singer with incredible range made it through to the finals thanks to the superfans’ vote. Tonight, he performed a duet of “Beauty and the Beast” all on his own. Heidi praised him for choosing well-known songs, and Alesha said he “upped your game.” However, Simon said he should have done something “less predictable.”

Sandou Trio Russian Bar

This former AGT trio have redeemed themselves on Champions with their risky and exciting routines. Tonight, they performed over a flaming bed of nails. Alesha said they “raise your bar” with every performance. Heidi said she was “lost for words.” Simon called it “one of the top three performances of the night.”

Who Will Be Crowned ‘AGT Champions’ Winner?

This time, the judges will have no say in who is voted the winner of AGT: The Champions after tonight’s finals. Instead, it’s all up to the superfans. But we won’t find out who they chose until next Monday night’s finale. Who would you vote for if you had a say? Let us know in the comments.

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