‘AGT Champions’ Big Blunder May Help V. Unbeatable Win and Marcelito Pomoy Lose

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Indian dance group V. Unbeatable could become the winners of AGT: The Champions, and they might have the judges to thank for it. A controversial Golden Buzzer decision could keep front-runner Marcelito Pomoy out of the finals.

We’ve already shared our prediction that a foreign act will win the competition this year, but will it be the dancers from Mumbai, or the incredible singer from the Philippines? Let’s take a closer look.

V. Unbeatable gets the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel.

V. Unbeatable Goes Straight To The ‘AGT: Champions’ Finals

In the third preliminary round of AGT: The Champions, V. Unbeatable returned to deliver a jaw-dropping performance. It was so good that judge Howie Mandel pressed (or rather, sat on) the Golden Buzzer. This will send the group straight into the finals.


That means that V. Unbeatable will get to skip the semifinals, putting them a step closer to the win than competitor and fellow frontrunner Marcelito Pomoy. Marcelito impressed the judges with his ability to sing in both male and female voices.

However, it wasn’t enough to earn him the Golden Buzzer. In an interview, Marcelito shared that he “really thought” judge Howie Mandel would hit the Golden Buzzer for him after his performance. Instead, the superfans voted him through to the semifinals.

Marcelito Pomoy performs on “AGT: The Champions.”

Why Marcelito Pomoy Did Not Get The Golden Buzzer?

There was some controversy over the Golden Buzzer during the second preliminary round, when Marcelito performed. It was Howie’s turn to press the Golden Buzzer, but he chose not to hit it for Marcelito, although the audience and judges encouraged him to.

“You are so worthy of the Golden Buzzer, and I think you’re one of the most incredible singers,” Howie told Marcelito. “But this is very early in the night, and I can only choose one.”


However, Howie didn’t get to choose a Golden Buzzer at all that night. Simon Cowell stole it from him to send dancing Stormtroopers Boogie Storm through to the finals. Many fans took issue with this, believing Marcelito and other acts to be more worthy.

Now, Marcelito will have to compete in the semifinals before he can catch up to V. Unbeatable. Will the superfans vote him through another time? We’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to find out.


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Jill O'Rourke

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