After Battling Cancer, Emotional Mother-Daughter Act Is Now Raising Cancer Awareness Amid Pandemic

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Honey and Sammy are a singing duo on this season of Britain’s Got Talent that was subject to Simon Cowell stopping them midway through their performance. But what happened next will shock you and their story might even make you cry. Take a look at their audition below.

Honey And Sammy Shared An Emotional Story On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

When viewers were first introduced to mother-daughter duo Honey and Sammy, it was clear they had a very strong bond. Honey, 14, said “The past couple of years – the last two years my mum got diagnosed with cancer… Its been a tough couple of years – to be here with my mum is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Sammy, 43, stood and held back tears as she supported her daughter and said that she had no idea that she signed them up for the show. They began to sing the song “She Used To Be Mine” from the Broadway play “Waitress.” It wasn’t long before Simon raised his hand and stopped them to give them a few pointers midway through their performance.


“Right okay – I just don’t like the song – but your voices work really well together,” Simon said. Honey and Sammy held hands as they waited to see what Simon would say next. “I just feel it needs to be one of those big moments – so how would you feel about coming back maybe later on today?” he asked. The duo agreed and came back later on to perform a new song that Sammy wrote the lyrics for on her hand. Their performance received a standing ovation from the crowd and all of the judges. “Good for you – after everything you’ve gone through you deserve that moment and I’m going to remember this audition for a long, long time,” Simon said once the audience finally quieted down. “I just love the connection – there’s nothing more beautiful than a daughter relationship – congratulations – you did it,” Alesha Dixon said.

The Singing Duo Made Amanda Cry And Continue Their Cancer Advocacy After ‘BGT’

“Every single lyric you got right and sang just seemed so poignant to your story – it was the most wonderful thing to witness,” Amanda Holden said as she fought back tears. It was then that Amanda hit the Golden Buzzer, sending gold confetti flying in the blink of an eye. Honey and Sammy cried and could not believe they will be going straight through to the live shows. Britain’s Got Talent is slated to return to television this fall after the coronavirus pandemic has halted the live shows, so expect to see another performance from Honey and Sammy then. In the meantime, the pair are using their platform to raise awareness for cancer patients and survivors during the pandemic. Sammy posted on their joint Instagram account how she worries about cancer patients who are at a higher risk during the pandemic.

“Having had cancer myself I could feel how scared they would be being told their treatments and surgeries were to be put on hold whilst the nhs deal deal with the covid 19 threat” Sammy wrote. “Cancer left untreated will kill a person. Contracting covid 19 may not!!” she continued.


The post continued on saying “Sadly this young woman died during these horrid times we live in now. Her brave family have created this petition to help bring awareness and save lives for others, please sign and help their cause.” Here is the link to the petition that Honey and Sammy urge people to sign about a cancer patient whose treatment stopped due to the pandemic, costing her life.


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