Adele Shocks Fans With Extremely Slim Body IG Post After A Long Break From Social Media

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Adele celebrated her 32nd birthday by breaking the internet with a new Instagram post. The singer looks slim and happy as she thanked fans for showing her so much birthday love. This is her first Instagram post since Christmas and naturally, everyone is freaking out over her long-awaited return.

Her caption says “Thank you for the birthday love. I hope you’re all staying safe and sane during this crazy time. I’d like to thank all of our first responders and essential workers who are keeping us safe while risking their lives! You are truly our angels ♥️
2020 okay bye thanks x.”

Adele Recently Lost Over 100 Pounds

Adele has the sirtfood diet to thank for her new slim body. It focuses on sirtuins, or proteins in your body that specialize in cellular health and metabolism, among other things. According to the New York Post, “Sirtuins can be found in foods like kale, extra-virgin olive oil, buckwheat, matcha, blueberries and arugula. The menu’s sweet surprises include red wine, coffee and dark chocolate. Meat is not a sirtuin.” Daily exercise is also recommended for this diet. A diet that lets you eat chocolate and drink red wine? It definitely sounds pretty promising but experts say not everyone will experience such a dramatic weight loss from it.

She is flaunting her new figure now and looks absolutely gorgeous. The singer has never really been a huge fan of Instagram so this post is a big deal! Be honest, are you shocked by Adele’s new appearance? She was seen a few months ago showing off her slim body hanging out with some friends. She wore a black body-hugging mini dress with some hoop earrings and was totally serving looks.

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Celebrities Went Crazy With Their Instagram Comments

Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen wrote “I mean are you kidding me” under the post. Seriously, Adele’s weight loss journey is super inspiring, and might we add, shocking. YouTuber James Charles wrote, “YOU LOOK AMAZING.” Actress Rita Wilson said “Happy Birthday, Adele. Sending you so much love! Looking gorgeous!” Oprah Magazine commented on the post and said: “Our birthday gift should be an Adele 2020 album, yes?!” We sure hope so. Recently, Adele hinted at the possibility of her new album being delayed due to coronavirus. Originally, she expected her album to be released by September. Other artists like Sam Smith and Lady Gaga are also pushing back the release of their upcoming albums due to the ongoing global health crisis.

Last year on her birthday, she also posted a rare Instagram picture right as she started her weight loss journey. Her caption said “I’ve changed drastically in the last couple years and I’m still changing and that’s OK. 31 is going to be a big ol’ year and I’m going to spend it all on myself. For the first time in a decade, I’m ready to feel the world around me and look up for once.” This started the speculation that another amazing Adele album was in the works.

Wait, Isn’t Adele….Bald?

You may have seen a picture floating around the internet recently of Adele with a shaved head. The picture was posted by @hey_reilly on Instagram. This Instagram account has a knack for giving celebrities digitally shaven heads.

This Instagram user is also known for putting a twist on big events in pop culture. Just take a look at this picture of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Notice anything different?

Adele’s recent birthday post shows that she still has her gorgeous brown locks and is rocking them with a newfound confidence.


We hope Adele had a fantastic birthday and that her album drops soon because the world certainly needs it.

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