Adele SHOCKINGLY Shaved Off All Her Hair In Quarantine & The Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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There have been talks about Adele returning to make a storming return to the charts following the end of her marriage to Simon Konecki. Adele’s make-up artist, Micheal Ashton, appears to have let the cat out of the bag on her alleged comeback.

Micheal has worked with Adele for 12 years and he posted a glamorous black and white photo of the singer applying her make-up in the mirror.

In the caption, he teased: “BTW….. EXCITING NEWS COMING SOON!!

“GET READY TO GET ON BOARD” added Michael.

The stylist did not give any more information leading eager fans to speculate if it meant an Adele comeback, which after 3 years, will be just what we need.

Adele’s New Hair do Is A Buzzed Cut

Singer Adele is the last person we would expect to join the shaved head lockdown trend but this is 2020 and everything is possible.

This picture is posted by @hey_reilly and has more than 169 thousand followers. In fact, the illustrator and graphic artist has in the past digitally shaven off Timothy Chalamet’s locks, given president Barack Obama a footballer-worthy leopard dye job, and turned Queen Elizabeth into an avant-garde editorial titled ‘Elizabeth McQueen’.

So, who is @hey_reilly?

Tagging his photos with H_R, @hey_reilly is a Scottish-born digital artist, who graduated from the Royal College of Art, and is known for putting a tongue-in-cheek twist on pop culture images.

Adele’s New Album Might be The Comeback The World Needs

OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, who co-wrote and produced her songs Rumour Has It and Remedy, told The Sun have teamed up again for the new album.

Despite saying he was going to “stay completely mum on new Adele”, he teased: “I’ll just say that she sounds better than ever.”


But fans were recently worried Adele would join the likes of Lady Gaga and Alanis Morrisette and delay the release of the album to the coronavirus pandemic. Looks like that won’t be happening, or at least we hope so. We aren’t sure if this picture is legit or not but it’ll be a look a lot of us won’t get over for a very long time.


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