Which Acts Will Be On The First ‘AGT’ Judge Cuts Episode? Who Will Move Forward?

Julia Delbel
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The first AGT Judge Cuts episode of Season 13 is coming tomorrow evening, and we have what looks to be the full list of performers!

It seems as though the Judge Cuts round will stick to the same formula used the last three seasons, with the judges and producers (off-screen) choosing 80 acts from the ones sent forward by the judges and dividing them into four groups of 20. Each group performs for the panel (joined by a guest judge) and from there seven from each of the four shows is chosen to move forward, one being the recipient of the guest judge’s Golden Buzzer.

The 20 acts set to perform on the July 17 episode – as posted on AGT Wiki – are listed in alphabetical order as followed:

1. Danger performer Aaron Crowe (officially confirmed by AGT via the sneak preview of his act)

2. Singer Andrew Johnston

3. Stand-up comedienne Carmen Lynch

4. Dancers Celina and Filiberto

5. Singer Christina Wells (shown backstage in the sneak preview)

6. Opera singer Daniel Emmet

7. Trapeze act Duo Transcend (shown backstage in the sneak preview)

8. Dancers Harold & Regan

9. Trampolinist Jack Tenney

10. Dance Group Junior New System

11. Magician Kevin Blake

12. Animal Impressionist Lilly Wiliker

13. Singer and Guitarist Macey Mac

14. Juggler Mochi

15. Singing dog and pianist duo Oscar and Pam

16. Rapper Patches

17. Quick-change artists Sixto and Lucia

18. Aerialist Trinh Tra My

19. Band Us The Duo

20. Voices of Hope Children’s Choir

We don’t know which seven of these acts will be advancing to the live shows, but there are a few clues that can be gathered to make some educated guesses. For one thing, Aaron Crowe has already had his performance for this round released, and I can’t recall an instance when that wasn’t a huge hint that an act would advance. So it’s a pretty safe bet he’ll be moving forward.

As another general rule, acts whose auditions were aired are more likely to pass judge cuts than those who weren’t. Since both the auditions and Judge Cuts rounds are filmed before the season even premieres, it makes sense to give acts who made it to the live shows airtime right from the get-go in order to get the audience invested in their journeys. Based on the content we got from them during auditions, I have a feeling Junior New System will be one of these, as well as Duo Transcend (as I explained last week, I’m not entirely convinced the drop we saw during the promo is what it was set-up to be).

I also think Christina Wells will advance, and looking at her backstory and how many singers have gotten the Golden Buzzer the past few seasons, she’s who I’m expecting to get it tomorrow night. (Though as much as I like Christina, I hope I’m wrong and we get some variety on that front…I think I’m rooting for the Golden Buzzer to go to Mochi, even though I have a feeling he’ll be in the live shows regardless.)

The other main thing to keep in mind is when it comes to the Judge Cuts episodes, only about half of the 20 performances are shown in full, while the rest are relegated to montages. In past seasons, it has been very rare for a montaged act to advance to the live shows, so if the editing this year is anything like recent ones, the second an act shows up in a montage we’ll know they will likely be eliminated at the end of the night.

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