Actor Khleo Thomas Claims To Be ‘American Idol’ Runner-Up After His Crush Ariana Grande Gets Engaged

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Ariana Grande announced her engagement to real estate agent Dalton Gomez in an adorable Instagram post this weekend. The couple has been dating for almost a year and has spent quarantine together in Los Angeles amid the coronavirus pandemic. But not everyone is happy about hearing the engagement news, especially not actor Khleo Thomas.

Khleo Thomas Had A Strange Reaction To Ariana Grande’s Engagement News

When popular Instagram account The Shade Room posted about Ariana and Dalton’s engagement, Khleo made it clear that he is not a happy camper. He first posted an emoji in the comments section with steam coming out of its nostrils. People were curious and began replying to him to ask him why he is so mad about the engagement. He did not respond to any of these speculating comments.


Others called him out saying “bruh! I swear I see you following and liking NUFF beautiful women I follow. Pick one and shoot your shot!” This finally prompted a response from Khleo saying “I be admiring from afar. Gotta still heal in a few more ways before I pull up from 3.” It appears that Khleo is currently single but is not shy to drop a flirty comment here and there on Instagram.

So what is the real reason for his response to the engagement? He pretty much confirmed his crush on Ariana and is playfully upset that she is now officially off the market. It’s not clear if Khleo and Ariana have ever met in person or interacted on social media.

Khleo Left Another Comment Claiming To Be A Talent Competition Standout

But another comment from a person on The Shade Room post struck up an odd response from Khleo. Someone asked, “weren’t you that weird kid in Holes?” You probably best remember the 31-year-old for his breakout role as Hector “Zero” Zeroni in the 2003 movie Holes. He has since put out his own original music and had several other small acting roles since then.

He responded to the comment by saying “no…I was the guy who lost to Kelly Clarkson in the first American Idol and now I’m the Dr. Pepper spokesperson. Any other questions?” The person then replied “oh word, I knew you looked familiar. You could really sing, I’m sad you didn’t win American Idol.”

This is a very obvious case of trolling. It was Justin Guarini who came in second place to Kelly Clarkson on season one of American Idol. Justin has since been featured in commercials for Dr. Pepper playing the character of Lil’ Sweet.


Khleo probably just wanted to get a laugh out of the people in the comments section. Let’s be real here, all of our hearts are full of love for Ariana and Dalton’s engagement but there are certainly a lot of people out there that realized their chances with her are now slim to none.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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