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Abandoned Blind Autistic Boy Shocks The Room With His Performance [VIDEO]

Riyanka S

Riyanka S

Autistic Blind Boy Inspires Everyone.p

He left everyone in tears with his mesmerizing song. This is a story of Christopher Duffley who moved us with his soul touching performance.

Blind Autistic Singer, Christopher Duffley’s Viral Video

Christopher is an inspiration to everyone

Blind autistic singer, Christopher Duffley went viral with his video on YouTube of him singing his song “Open the Eyes of My Heart.” He was born in May 19, 2001 in Florida to parents who tested positive for Oxycontin and cocaine, contributing to a premature birth.

He was later adopted by his uncle Steve and aunt Christine Duffley in Manchester, New Hampshire at the age of two from foster care. He began singing at the age of four, before he could hold a conversation. 

“Music to me is for one thing: it brings joy to people. Singing is a gift that I share. Because I’m blind, I see people with my heart for who they truly are instead of what they look like on the outside,” the 15-year-old told in an interview with ABC News.

His first performance was singing the Star Spangled Banner in first grade at a Memorial Day assembly. He was given the title “10 Amazing Individuals with Autism who Shined” by Autism Speaks in 2013. He was featured on ABC’s 20/20: Young & Gifted digital spin off series.

Christopher has since performed for NASCAR, the Boston Red Sox, at national political debates and even during Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia in 2015.

Help Support Cristopher’s Podcast and his message to the world

He launched his own podcast, Mission Possible in April 2016 where he creates interviews and engineers 10 minutes interviews on his own with people who are on a Mission in life. He wants to encourage people with disabilities to dream big. Here is the Podcast link to support his cause.

Christopher sings in Italian at Canucks Autism Network’s 2nd Annual Reveal Gala, 2017

Christopher is fond of Christian praise and worship songs, he is in high demand to perform at churches, sporting events and other venues.

This blind autistic singer’s story is an amazing testament that no matter how challenging one’s situation may appear, there will always be silver linings in every situation.


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