77-Year-Old Rockstar Drummer Leaves Simon Cowell Speechless On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

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Chrissy Lee lives a very quiet life after retiring from the workforce. She travels around in a caravan and seems like a genuinely nice person. You would never expect this 77-year-old to be a rockstar drummer. You have to watch her jawdropping Britain’s Got Talent performance that had Simon Cowell absolutely shook.

Chrissy Lee Had Simon Cowell Beaming From Ear To Ear On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Chrissy came to season 14 of Britain’s Got Talent with great energy and a loving persona. “This is my swan song. If I win Britain’s Got Talent I would spend my money on holidays, possibly taking my caravan abroad” she said of her dream. The judges marveled at how great Chrissy looks for her age and could not believe she hasn’t had any work done on her face. David Walliam’s threw some subtle shade saying that Chrissy was the only person in the room that hasn’t had any work done. But that was pretty much it for the small talk as Chrissy was whisked away behind a wall with Ant & Dec. They revealed that she changed into a torn-up t-shirt and was sitting behind a drumset. Some iconic rock songs began blaring over the speakers as Chrissy began pounding her drums in true rockstar fashion.


Chrissy received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. David called her “full of surprises.” Simon went on to add that he assumed Chrissy was going to be a comedian when she walked on the stage. “I’m going to have to pretend to like you because of your age and then you did that and I think that’s what this show is all about,” he said. “I’m definitely going to remember you Chrissy and I would love to see you in the finals.” The judges praised her for showing that no matter your age, you can still rock out. Chrissy received four yes’s from the judges who were just floored by her performance.

What’s Next For Chrissy?

As Chrissy awaits for Britain’s Got Talent to resume filming their live shows this fall, some jaw-dropping information came to light after her audition went viral. She went on tour with the British band The Beatles in the 1960s and was even rumored to be engaged to Paul McCartney. But, she quickly put those rumors to rest as he was just a mentor and friend. She is actually a world-renowned drummer that has traveled all over the globe and worked with several popular bands after learning at the age of four. She was definitely super humble on Britain’s Got Talent because she has accomplished more than most aspiring musicians ever do in their lifetime. Chrissy appeared on the show This Morning to do a remote performance after her ‘BGT’ audition and talk about her past with The Beatles.


Chrissy told the Daily Mail that when the live shows do air, her partner Nina along with her step-children and step-grandchildren will all be cheering her on. Do you think this is the most shocking audition of Britain’s Got Talent ever? Were you expecting Chrissy to turn out to be a rockstar drummer?

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Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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