7 Facts About Emanne Beasha: From ‘Arab’s Got Talent’ To ‘America’s Got Talent’

Lauren Ashley Beck
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America’s Got Talent sensation Emanne Beasha is taking the world by storm! From Arab’s Got Talent to the AGT stage, this pint-sized power house is bound to sing her way to victory. Here are 7 Facts about the rising star.

1. Emanne Beasha is 10 Years Old

Thats right, Emanne Beasha is singing her way into the hearts of America at just 10 years of age! She will turn 11 on the day of America’s Got Talent finale and has a real good chance to receive a birthday gift most people never will, a million dollars!

NBC Emanne Beasha

Emanne’s parents discovered her gift when she was only 2 years old! At a talent show, Beasha sang Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star and that’s when her parents knew her voice was something special. The young songstress began singing opera at age 6, and that’s all she wrote! Beasha is one of the youngest contestants to compete on Season 14 of AGT.

2. Emanne Beasha Is ‘Arab’s Got Talent’ Winner

AGT ain’t her first rodeo! After receiving the golden buzzer, Emanne went on to win the fifth season of Arab’s Got Talent in 2017. At the finale Emanne sang Con Te Partirò by Andrea Bocelli earning her the highest number of audience votes. At the time Beasha was only 8 years old, making her the youngest winner ever! Beasha went home 200,000 [$53,327] Saudi riyals richer!

3. She Has Fans All Over The World

Accourding to Circassian Culture and Folkore, Emanne was born in Jordan to a Circassian father (Yanal Beasha; БищIо Инал) and an American mother (Megan Beasha). The Jordanian and Circassian community were very proud of her win and her representation of thier culture on Arab’s Got Talent.

In addition to support from the Jordanian community, royalty sang their praises to Emanne.

Jordanian Queen Rania tweeted the young star, “A truly remarkable voice! Congratulations to Emanne Beasha for winning @ArabsGotTalent #Jordan.”

And Prince Ali tweeted, “Congrats @BeashaEmanne for winning @ArabsGotTalent. You are a Star! Take care of your Dad though, not sure how he is handling this.”

4. Emmane Was On ‘Little Big Shots’

Emmane floored the masses when she took to the Little Big Shots stage. Baeasha shared her groundbreaking performance on Facebook, and to her surprise the video was shared by Little Big Shots executive producer, Ellen Degeneres. The video has been viewed over 2 million times. Check out the performance here.

5. Emanne Recieved a Real Gold Medal!

In May of 2017, Emanne was awarded the King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein Medal of Merit at Raghadan Place during Independence day celebrations.

GettyImages Emmane Beasha

6. Emanne Lives In Florida

The Beasha family now lives North Port, Florida, according to NBC-2.com. The site reports that Emanne is homeschooled and lives with her parents and two brothers. She dances, swims, plays tennis and even goes to summer camp, and of course, she takes voice lessons.  They also quote her as saying “I want to be a singer. And if that doesn’t work out, I want to be a veterinarian, or both at the same time.”

Emanne Beasha’s Arab’s Got Talent Audition

7. Emanne’s Dad Owns An Ice Cream Factory

Emmane revealed on America’s Got Talent, that her dad owns an ice cream factory, and her favorite flavors are salted caramel, coffee, and chocolate chip mint. “Literally my favorites! We’re on a good start” responded AGT judge Julianne Hough. Yanal Beasha owns an ice cream manufacturing company names Primo Gelato based in United Arab Emirates.

NBC Gabrielle Union and Emmane Beasha

On June 25, 2019 the pre-teen sang a beautiful rendition of Nessun dorma on the America’s Got Talent Stage. “How does that voice come out of that little body,” judge Julianne Hough asks.

Emanne Beasha’s full audition on America’s Got Talent

Nessun dorma has been a contestant favorite on AGT, but we’re not quite sure we’ve ever seen it executed like this!

From the second Emmane opened her mouth and belted out that first note, the rest was history! We can’t wait to see where Emmane’s career takes her!

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