7 Celebrities Before & After Quarantine That’ll Have You SHOOK To The Core

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Have you been wearing the same pajamas for four days? You are not alone. Even celebrities are wearing their comfy clothes and going makeup-free during their quarantines. Of course, many of them do not have access to their glam squads or stylists. Let’s take a look at some celebrity transformations before and after quarantine that might shock you.

Kylie Jenner Ditched Her Extensions And Makeup During Quarantine

We all know Kylie Jenner as a glam makeup mogul that is always promoting products from her own makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics. She also is always changing up her hairstyles, wearing a variety of wigs in all different colors and lengths. Before quarantine, Kylie posted some sexy snaps in a gorgeous red dress and long black hair.

After quarantine, Kylie is rocking her natural short hair. It’s dyed a honey blonde color. She is also not wearing any makeup like her usual eyeshadow and bold lip color. What do you think about the natural-looking Kylie? She, of course, had to add a little flair to this look by wearing some blue contacts but we’re into it.


Hilary Duff Is Feeling Blue

Hilary Duff was looking beautiful before quarantine with her natural blonde locks and soft makeup. She posted the following photo thanking her glam squad for getting her ready. How is she doing in quarantine without her glam squad?

Hilary was feeling a little blue, literally. The actress dyed her hair a bright shade of blue. It’s super edgy and bold. Be honest, have you thought of dying your hair during quarantine? It seems like a new trend that everyone on social media is doing. When the boredom strikes, people reach for their hair dye and their scissors and give themselves dramatic makeovers. She can honestly pull off any look.

Chrissy Teigen Is Living In Her Robe

Everyone knows that Chrissy Teigen loves to stay home and cook delicious food. She is also one of the most honest celebrities. But she is also one of the most glamorous models in the entire world. She posted this glam snap right before quarantines and lockdowns began in California. She looks gorgeous in a black leotard and a smokey blue eye look. She captioned the sultry photo, “me when John comes home and I want another dog.”

Chrissy posted on Twitter that she is now living in her robes during quarantine. She has a huge robe collection and often posts stories and quick pics wearing different silk robes. In this particular picture, Chrissy looks relaxed and comfy in a white robe and a messy bun in her hair. She is attempting to give her mother a gel manicure. That’s yet another thing that celebrities are missing, their extravagant nail artists. Many have begun to learn how to do their own nails since odds are they will not be able to see these nail wizards for a while.

Katy Perry Showed Her Own Before And After Quarantine Transformation

Katy Perry was looking glamorous during filming for American Idol in Hawaii. She posted her own before and after pictures to show how she looks while staying at home. These days Katy is opting for a more fresh-faced look during the last few months of her pregnancy. She still looks gorgeous with or without makeup.

She also got all dressed up for Easter in A Facebook Live session. The star wore a bunny costume that she managed to look adorable in. She also went makeup-free.

Blake Shelton Is Rocking A New Look

We all know Blake Shelton is not afraid to take risks on The Voice. He also has been taking a lot of risks with his hair lately. Here is a picture of Blake taken right before quarantine began. He is looking sharp as always as he prepared to film an episode of the hit show.

But Blake and girlfriend Gwen Stefani have been getting a little crafty lately with some clippers. Gwen gave Blake a mullet, a hairstyle that he had back in the 90s. She even gave him another haircut during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she carved the host’s initials into Blake’s hair. It seems like their quarantine has been rather exciting so far and we can’t wait to see what hairstyle Gwen gives him next.


Armie Hammer Has Had A Dramatic Makeover

Armie Hammer is best known for his roles in Oscar-nominated movies The Social Network and Call Me By Your Name. Prior to quarantine, Armie flashed his handsome looks in an Instagram post promoting a t-shirt brand. We don’t think anyone was paying attention to the shirt.

In what is probably the most dramatic quarantine makeover, Armie posted an Instagram pic look nearly unrecognizable. The star now has a mohawk and a horseshoe mustache. He is also wearing a crop top and shorts with a fun print. This is the definition of being bold but hey, at least he’s having fun rocking this look during quarantine.

Armie captioned the photo with “killing the game.” We totally agree. This look is pretty iconic and hard to pull off.

DJ Khalid Is letting His Greys Show

DJ Khalid is not trying to hide his age or the fact that he is team no hair cut. In multiple Instagram videos, he is looking like a completely different person and the more we quarantine, the more BJ Khalid is easing on shaving or getting his hair trimmed. Which is completely understandable.


In his latest Instagram post, he also discussed the All In Challenge, he wrote “More than $20M raised and $10M already distributed to organizations feeding those impacted by COVID-19. Go to allinchallenge.com to bid on a chance to spend the day with me in Miami, also have your rent paid for a full year by me & @wethebestfdn. Join now!! All for a great cause!! #ALLINCHALLENGE Bless Up @michaelrubin

Which celebrity do you think had the most dramatic look after quarantine?


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