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5 Tips From ‘American Idol’ Producers On Nailing Your Audition

Want to nail your Idol audition? ?Our casting producers are giving their best tips and tricks. Ask them your questions! ???

Posted by American Idol on Friday, August 11, 2017

A question we get a lot at Talent Recap is if we have any tips for auditioning for these talent competitions. We found the answer for the upcoming American Idol reboot. Real casting producers for the show share their tips for wowing them at the auditions. Here’s the 5 things they all agreed were important.

Be yourself

This one is critical, every producer said. They aren’t just looking for a good singer. The show is looking to launch the next big star and you want to stand out. If you are trying to be the next Kelly Clarkson or Adam Lambert you are just going to look like a pale imitation. Show them what makes you special.

Have fun

This is not as easy as it sounds. When you go to one of the big cattle call auditions, you are sometimes standing in line for 10 hours or more. Not to mention the fact that you are auditioning for national TV and an opportunity that could change your life. No pressure. The producers all emphasized that if you look like you are having fun, they will pick up on that.

Pick the right song

All the producers agreed that this was key. Pick a song that shows off your talents. If you can’t hit Freddy Mercury level high notes, don’t choose Queen. If you are all about country music, do that. They also said that you should have a couple of songs ready to go, maybe a classic and something contemporary. They also stressed to leave Adele, Alisha Keys, and Etta James at home.

Make the best use of your time

You’re only going to have a couple of minutes in front of the producers. They usually don’t listen to you sing a whole song. So, you want to start at the right place in the song that gets to the good stuff quickly. They are also are looking for people’s personalities to appeal to them, so how you introduce yourself and say goodbye are important.

Share your story

The producers on the show are looking for someone with a story or angle they can use. We’ve all seen those segments on the show where they tell us about the contestant’s lives and what they’ve been through. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sob story either. They advise potential contestants to be as open and honest as possible.