5 Terrible Accidents That Happened On Live Tv Talent Shows [VIDEO]

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There are always people on talent shows that showcase some extremely daring skills that come with risks. There have been instances in the past on shows like America’s Got Talent and Spain’s Got Talent where terrible accidents happened on live television. Let’s take a look at some of these tragic accidents on ‘Got Talent’ stages.

1. Ryan Stock Had A Terrible Accident On ‘America’s Got Talent’

During the quarterfinals in season 11 of America’s Got Talent, Ryan Stock and AmberLynn really brought some risky tricks to the stage. This danger act planned out a trick where AmberLynn was to shoot a flaming arrow at a target that Stock was holding with his mouth. It went terribly wrong when she missed her mark and the arrow hit him straight in his throat. They literally had to stop the act because Stock needed a second to recover from this terrible accident. The look of shock and concern was on each of the judge’s faces as host Nick Cannon asked if Stock was ok. He did turn out to be ok, but this act definitely cost them their spot in the competition and had us all worried as we watched it at home.


2. Andrey Zheleznov Performed A Dangerous Act On ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’

Andrey Zheleznov had an interesting danger act to perform on Ukraine’s Got Talent that was a mixture of martial arts and knife throwing. He first started by swinging a huge sword around the stage and then had his assistant remove his shirt. He laid on shards of broken glass and looked like he was in pain as they etched into his back. But it was his next trick that really had people concerned for his safety. Zheleznov jumped through a hoop that had knives sticking out of it.

As you can imagine, he got nicked by one of the knives during this trick. He turned to face the camera with blood gushing out of his back. Not only that, but one of the knives also clung onto his ankle during the trick but he played it off as if he was not hurt. The judges and the audience were quite scared after seeing the blood.

3. Duo Transcend Had A Scary Fall On ‘AGT’

Tyce and Mary of the Duo Transcend attempted an ambitious stunt during the judge cuts in season 13 of America’s Got Talent. They added this risky blindfold trick where Tyce was supposed to catch Mary by her feet but instead, he had a delayed reaction that sent her crashing to the ground. The entire audience and the judges collectively gasped in one of the scariest moments in ‘AGT’ history. Thankfully, Mary was uninjured and did not land in the fire that was beneath their trapeze, and instead landed on a softer pad. They came back to redeem themselves on ‘AGT: The Champions.’


4. An Escape Artist Nearly Died On ‘Spain’s Got Talent’

On Spain’s Got Talent in 2019, an escape artist by the name of Pedro Volta took on a death-defying stunt on stage that had viewers at home terrified for his safety. He wore a straight jacket and was submerged underwater as he attempted to free himself by opening two locks. After about a minute and 45 seconds being submerged underwater, it was clear that Volta needed help. He was unconscious and convulsing as he was pulled free from the container. Volta was sputtering water out of his mouth before medics could get his body to calm down after it was in a state of shock. The judges were so scared that something had gone terribly wrong until finally, Volta was able to stand on his own. He pledged never to do that trick ever again.

5. Ivan The Urban Action Figure Had A Terrible Accident During ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition

During season two of America’s Got Talent, Ivan The Urban Action Figure set up a weird stunt involving a bunch of folding chairs. He basically planned to jump over the entire row of chairs. Instead, he tripped and went crashing to the ground. It was absolutely terrifying seeing him lay there lifeless after falling headfirst. He literally knocked himself out. At first, the judges thought it was part of the act, but after a few moments, it became very clear that he was injured. Medics rushed over to him and his audition was officially put on the back burner as they wanted to make sure he was ok.


Which performance were you most shocked by or did you cringe the most at while watching?


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