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5 Simon Cowell’s NICEST Moments Ever — He Might Be Human Afterall [VIDEO]

AJ Wilson

AJ Wilson

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Simon Cowell has a bit of a reputation as a judge. Often known for his harsh comments, such as his limited vocabulary roast, we often forget how nice Simon can be. Here are some of his nicest moments from ‘AGT’ and ‘BGT’

Simon Cowell’s Nicest Moments

Sara and Hero

Simon’s love of dogs is very well documented, but no one saw this coming. Sara and Hero, a dog act on season 12 of AGT, auditioned with a pirate-themed routine. After, both Howie and Mel voted ‘no,’ causing Simon to go on stage and plead on the acts’ behalf.

After convincing Howie to switch to a ‘yes,’ the act continued in the competition. Eventually, Sara and Hero would reach the Finals, where they placed fifth. They later also returned for AGT Champions.


Ansley Burns

Child singer Ansley Burns auditioned for AGT 14, singing “Think,” by the LEGENDARY Aretha Franklin. Halfway through her audition, Simon stopped her, citing the backing track as “terrible.” He then asked, if she’d sing acapella, which caused Ansley to be nervous.

He then offered her some water from his cup, causing her to calm down and perform. She then CRUSHED the song, letting her go through. And, although she was cut in the Judge Cuts originally, she was later brought back as a Wild-Card, ultimately advancing to the Semi-Finals.

Dave and Finn

Once again, Simon’s love of dogs shines through. Although, who couldn’t love Finn? The police dog and his owner auditioned for the 13th series of Britain’s Got Talent, showcasing the dog as a mind-reader.

However, the touching part comes after we learn of Finn’s life-threatening attack by a criminal. Simon joins the pair on stage and is asked to choose a word from a flip-book that describes Finn. Simon chooses the word heroic, which had been engraved on Finn’s collar!


Lamont Landers

Lamont auditioned for the 14th season of America’s Got Talent, performing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” However, Simon stopped the performance, saying it sounded like a wedding song. He asked Lamont to come back later with a different song, which he agreed to.

He returned to the stage, and after some initial jitters, performed Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.” All of the judges voted yes, sending him through. However, he was later eliminated in the Judge’s Cuts.

Daniel Emmet

Opera singer Daniel Emmet auditioned in Season 13 of AGT, singing an original entitled, “Amante.” Simon stopped Daniel, and asked him if he had a second song. After learning he didn’t, Simon gave him the song, “Passera,” and asked him to return later in the day.

Daniel took this song, learned it, and returned performing it amazingly! Simon looked delighted, giving him a standing ovation. And, although he was originally cut during the Judge Cuts, he was brought back as a Wild Card, later finishing as a finalist.

So, what do you all think of Simon’s nicest moments? What’s your favorite Simon Cowell moment? Let us know! And be sure to tune into AGT: Champions Mondays on NBC at 8 PM EST!

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