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5 Quarantine Celebrity Makeup Tutorials You NEED In Your Life

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While we are all confined to our homes during the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of us are probably taking a break from wearing makeup. However, there have been a few celebrities that are still getting glam during quarantine and making the most of being stuck at home. Take a look!

Kristofer Buckle, a makeup artist for stars like Mariah Carrey and Kelly Ripa spoke to ET Style about how coronavirus is affecting his work. He is self-isolating at home and not seeing any clients because doing their makeup would not adhere to social distancing. He said when the outbreak is over he thinks he will be more cautious when touching people’s faces and will even use separate brush sets for each client. But it seems like some celebrities may ditch their glam squads and do their makeup on their own when this is all over!

Kim Kardashian Posted Her “Work From Home” Beauty Routine


Kim Kardashian recommends a cream base foundation applied with a kabuki brush for luminous skin. She emphasizes that serums and moisturizers are very important to use before doing your makeup. She says that she often does not have the time to fully blend her makeup. In the background of the video, Kim’s daughter North spoke about her online school schedule. “Is it PE time?” Kim asked. She explains that she is hiding in the guest bathroom because her kids will not leave her alone. “Hey that’s mean,” said North in response. Kim continues to use products from her makeup line KKW Beauty in this quick tutorial. A quick tip is to use contour on your eyelids instead of using eyeshadow if you are in a rush.

Kim also showed a new KKW Beauty product that has yet to be released. She teased a mini mascara because she loves travel size products and assured fans to be on the lookout for that product in the future. Kim spoke about her late father Robert Kardashian and how he used to tease her for keeping her mouth open while applying mascara. Her favorite lip combo is Nude 1.5 and 90’s Icon from her collection. The last step of her routine is to brighten underneath her eyes with a brightening powder. She said it is the key to looking youthful. Kim jokingly said she did this quarantine glam to go to the kitchen and be harassed by her kids and help them with their homework.


Bebe Rexha Gave Great Tips On Covering Dark Circles

Singer Bebe Rexha did a bold blue eye look in a video for Vogue. She was in her bathroom at home with her “dark circles and all.” Bebe has a very elaborate skincare routine that makes her skin glowy and dewy. Filling in her eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products is one of her favorite steps in her beauty routine. She says her look is inspired by singer Debbie Harry and also cites David Bowie as one of her makeup inspirations. She uses a bright blue Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow all over her eyelids. To her, it’s “fun to do something different.” We totally agree. She layers it with another bright blue shade from a Morphe eyeshadow palette to really make the color pop. Bebe finishes off her eyes with winged liner and a pair of wispy false lashes.


She said that one thing that is always challenging for her and other makeup artists is getting rid of her dark under-eye circles. She uses a color corrector under her eyes and a powder to set it. Then she uses her favorite concealer, Tarte Shape Tape under her eyes. Bebe said it is very important to let the concealer sit for a few minutes on your face before blending it in. She uses a La Mer foundation because she likes that it is not heavy. A great beauty tip from Bebe is to always remember to use foundation on your ears because a lot of people forget.

Blending and setting her entire face is the next step. For this look, she wanted to let the eyes be the focus so she went for a softer Fenty bronzer. She used her favorite Dior blush mixed with a Kylie Cosmetics blush along with a lip-lining technique to make her lips look bigger. We absolutely love this bold look!

Hilary Duff’s Son Might Just Have A Future As A Makeup Artist

“What’s the vibe for today?” Hilary Duff asks her son Luca as he applies makeup to her face in an Instagram video. “I’m not telling you,” he says as he concentrates on her eyeshadow. He told her not to look at herself in the mirror until he was finished. Hilary documented the entire process and even tried to catch a sneak peek of herself when Luca wasn’t paying attention.

When Hilary finally revealed her finished makeup look, it was hilarious. Both of her eyes had different colored eyeshadows on them and her lipstick went all the way up to her cheekbones. “It’s subtle, it’s unique,” she joked about the finished look. “I’ve never done a makeup look like this before.” We totally think that if you are looking for something to do at home with your kids or younger siblings, definitely let them do your makeup. And of course, do not forget to post videos and pictures of it on Instagram to give us all a good laugh! Even though her makeup may have been a little…different, Hilary’s natural beauty still shines in any makeup look.


Lana Condor Gives Tips On How To Achieve Lara Jean’s Makeup Look

The sequel to Netflix’s smash hit To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before allowed Lana Condor to shine even more as breakout character Lara Jean Covey. Her signature makeup look in the movie is simple yet stunning and really embraces Lana’s features. Lana recently made her own YouTube channel and is frequently posting videos while in quarantine. Her most recent video “How To Become Lara Jean” has fans of the movie freaking out. She explains that if you want to get Lara Jean’s simple yet beautiful makeup look, you only need a few simple products. To start, use black eyeliner on your eyelids and lower lashline. Smudge it out with a brush.

The secret to Lara Jean’s pink rosy lips is a soft Korean lip tint. Ink Airy Velvet lip tint from the brand Peripera in the shade Rose Pink is the perfect natural color. Lana also recommends a pink rosy blush because Lara Jean is always flushed and blushing from all of the nice things her boyfriend Peter Kavinsky does for her. To finish off the Lara Jean look, Lana says that wispy eyelashes are super important. The Ardell Demi Wispies are the perfect false lashes for a balance of length and subtlety.

Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown Gave Tips For People Who Have Frequent Zoom Calls

Coronavirus has caused a lot of people to have to work from home using new video-chatting methods to communicate. But makeup artist Bobbi Brown says that does not mean that we have to look unpresentable on Zoom or Skype calls. Bobbi shared her tips for looking camera-ready from home with Katie Couric on YouTube. She recommends using a good oil on your hair and skin. And for those who cannot go out and get their hair done during this time, Bobbi recommended Color Wow Root Cover-Up. This eyeshadow-like formula can be brushed directly onto your scalp to cover up gray hairs or roots.

Bobbi also loves blush bronzer which is a darker colored blush that can also double as a bronzer. Pop this onto your cheekbones during your zoom calls to give your face a chiseled look in seconds. She encourages the use of taking beauty vitamins. The ones she takes are infused with CBD. She says it’s important to feel good and healthy and to remain positive during this time.


We absolutely love seeing all of these celebrity beauty tips and tutorials from quarantine. It gives us all the more reason to experiment with makeup and post some fun quarantine makeup selfies from home!

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