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5 Contestants That Couldn’t Keep Their Hands Off Of Simon Cowell [VIDEO]

Simon Cowell KissITV

We all may secretly fantasize about Simon Cowell but there are some whose fantasies come true. All these contestants from X Factor, America’s Got Talent and American Idol couldn’t keep their hands off Simon Cowell.

Simon Cowell Gets Kissed by Miranda Cunha

WATCH Simon Cowell Get Snogged

1. Simon gets a kiss from Miranda Cunha on America’s Got Talent

Miranda Cunha opens the stage by saying, ” I like you, Simon. You know I am gonna need some help from you Simon” and calls him on stage to accompany her on her performance.

In return, she gets more than a dance, a smooch from Simon. She also gets three yeses from the other three judges saying they would love to watch more of her only if she got Simon on stage.

Howie Mendel commenting, ” I just want to see more of Simon up there one more time.”

2. Jenesa’ Hip Don’t Lie on X Factor UK

Jenesa Gill from Manchester did her version of Shakira’s Hip Don’t Lie expressing her love for Simon. She comes to the stage overexcited shouting, “I love you, Simon.” She then says that she loves his “honesty.”

Simon Cowell gets kissed by Jenesa Gill on X Factor UK

With her crazy dance moves she gets on Simon’s lap during the performance and kisses him.

3. Simon Cowell Gets Caressed on X Factor USA

After friends, Chloe J and CJ perform on stage Simon calls their performance, “You’re both absolutely awful.”

Simon Cowell gets kissed by Chloe J

After a long stare between Simon and Chloe, Chloe goes to Simon’s chair and kisses and caresses him all over his face!

4. Simon’s X Factor Audition Kiss

After Paula’s performance is cut off by Simon she is still trying to seduce Simon. She walks to him and gives him a kiss on his lips. Simon says, “Paula I think you’re probably good at a lot of things but not at singing.”

Simon Cowell gets kissed by Paula on X Factor

After the auditions, she says that his ” lips were really soft and kissable.”

5. Simon is Juicy!

Big Benji the 73-year-old Gets to Live Her Dream on America’s Got Talent stage. She takes on the stage by declaring her love for Simon calling him, “Juicy.”

Big Benji on Simon!

She ends up saying that this is her “moment come true.”


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9 months ago

That is so cute but, I think that your wife will be jealous Simon cowel !

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