19-Year-Old Brings Everyone To Tears With Heartbreaking Bullying Story On ‘X Factor’ [VIDEO]

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Jillian Jensen stepped onto The X Factor stage and shared her love for judge Demi Lovato and her fight against bullying. The pair were both 19 at the time and bonded over the fact that they both have tattoos that say “stay strong.” Check out her season two audition below.

Jillian is just one of the many talent show contestants that have shared their struggles with bullying. Check out the video above to learn about more inspirational acts and how they were able to hit back at bullies.

Jillian Jensen Hit Back At Bullies During Her ‘X Factor’ Audition

Jillian was bullied severely in middle school and high school. The bullies would make fun of her songs and passion for music. “It wasn’t fair,” she said through tears before her ‘X Factor’ audition. She thanked Demi for everything she has done for anti-bullying campaigns. Emotions were running high as Jillian sang Jessie J’s “Who You Are.”

Towards the end of the song, Jillian began crying and it really resonated with everyone in the room. Demi ran onto the stage to give her a hug. Simon Cowell was pretty much left speechless and needed a few seconds to gather his thoughts. “Look, that was incredible” he finally said.


“I cannot believe how amazing that just was” Demi said through tears. “I felt it when you started talking about being bullied and I knew that you have been through a lot but when you sang, you broke my heart and the fact that you have the ability to stand on stage while you’re crying is so brave.”

Jillian got four yes’s and made it to the next round, the judge’s houses, in the young adult’s category mentored by Demi. “Maybe it’s out of line, but she’s kind of sexy,” Demi’s guest mentor Nick Jonas said after watching Jillian sing “Gravity.” She was eliminated along with Nick Youngerman after this performance.

You might also recognize Jillian from her time on season 13 of American Idol. For her audition, she sang “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw. She made it all the way to the top 30 and got to sing her original song “In Your Arms.”

Where Is She Now?

After appearing on The X Factor and American Idol, Jillian used her platform to begin speaking at schools about mental health and anti-bullying. She also has bee posting covers on Instagram and YouTube. “It’s been crazy over the years having so many incredible people reach out to me with personal stories of their own lives that are similar to mine,” she told Talent Recap exclusively. “I believe it makes us all not feel so alone.”

Jillian has also continued to pursue music professionally since her time on talent competition shows. She released the original song called “I Am Whole” which was very personal to her. “Music is the one thing in my life that, through everything, has remained a constant and this song just brings that more to everyone’s attention,” she said in an interview. “Music has been my savior and light through the dark [times].”

“Meeting Demi Lovato was simply amazing” she told us. “She’s such a strong woman with many demons, but her drive to always move forward and push through her struggles is something that continues to inspire me. Love that girl.”

In 2018, Jillian started her own country band called “Amber Eyes.”

“Yes, my band Amber Eyes and I are currently getting our second record in place to come out at the beginning of next year” she revealed.


The group released its debut album in 2019, which charted at 69 on the Top 100 iTunes/Apple Music Country Charts. The band even got to open a show for one of their favorite country acts Old Dominion.


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