15 Amazing ‘AGT’ Golden Buzzer Acts Who Aren’t Singers

Jill O'Rourke
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Even though America’s Got Talent is a variety show featuring performers of all talents, its Golden Buzzer acts sometimes beg to differ. More often than not, the judges hit the coveted button for amazing singers, leaving many fans bored.

The Golden Buzzer was introduced in Season 9 to send an act to the next round without the other judges’ votes. In Season 10, the format was changed to send an act directly to the live shows. Since then, there have been 35 Golden Buzzer acts in the regular seasons, and five on AGT: The Champions. Out of those, 25 (aka more than half) have sung as part of their act.

1. Drew Lynch

Howie Mandel hit the Golden Buzzer for this young stand-up comedian with a stutter. “What you did is you looked for the light at the end of the darkness,” Howie told him, adding, “I haven’t been moved by an act like this up until this moment.” Drew ended up being the runner-up for the season, and returned for Champions.

2. Freckled Sky

Howard Stern hit the Golden Buzzer for this projection dance act. The audition featured two dancers performing in the midst of projected images. Howard called it “spectacular,” adding that they were “something different.” He even called director
Val Syganevich out on stage to take a bow before hitting the button.

3. Piff the Magic Dragon

This act combined comedy and magic, which impressed guest judge Neil Patrick Harris during the Judge Cuts of Season 10. “I’m kind of blown away by it, and I think it’s great,” he said, “and I don’t think we need to deliberate much, ’cause I’m using my Golden Buzzer.” Piff made it to the Top 10, and returned for Champions.

4. Paul Zerdin

Guest judge Marlon Wayans was impressed by this ventriloquist act who ended up winning Season 10. “You made a grown man feel like he was a kid,” Marlon told him after his Judge Cuts performance, adding, “I want everybody to feel that feeling of joy.”

5. Siro-A

Former judge Piers Morgan returned as a guest judge and hit the Golden Buzzer for this Japanese video projection dance act. “I didn’t like it, because I absolutely loved it!” Piers told them after their performance, saying he couldn’t think of a previous act that rivals them.

6. Dorothy Williams

Season 11 marked the first time the host had a Golden Buzzer act, and Nick Cannon chose to use it for this 90-year-old burlesque dancer. Dorothy told him she dreamed of being a star, so he made that happen for her. He declared that he was breaking the rules to send her to the live shows.

7. Jon Dorenbos

This NFL-player-turned-magician wowed guest judge Ne-Yo during the Judge Cuts round in Season 11. He didn’t say much before pressing the Golden Buzzer, but he said afterward that he saw “potential” in Jon’s act. Jon ended up finishing the season in third place, and returned for Champions.

8. Sofie Dossi

This teenage contortionist received the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Reba McEntire. “I think actions speak louder than words,” Reba said, before hitting the button. “I’ve never seen anything like it before,” she said afterward. Sofie reached the Top 10 of Season 11 and returned for Champions.

9. Malevo

This dance group from Argentina impressed guest judge George Lopez. “They’re so in sync, they have the passion, they have the love of their brotherhood, they have the love of their country,” George said, adding there was “no doubt” they deserved the Golden Buzzer.

10. Light Balance

Host Tyra Banks liked this light-up dance act so much, she hit the Golden Buzzer for them. “I’m feeling you guys so, so much,” Tyra said before heading down to the judges’ table to press the button. The group finished Season 12 in third place and returned for Champions.


11. Zurcaroh

Tyra continued her love of non-singing acts in Season 13 by hitting the Golden Buzzer for this acrobatic group. “This is so crazy that you know what I have to do,” she said, running toward the button. The group ended up finishing the season in second place.


12. Quin and Misha

This 71-year-old ballroom dancer and her younger partner impressed guest judge Martina McBride during Judge Cuts in Season 13. “You say you want to inspire people of a certain age,” Martina said, “but you inspired everybody, of all ages.”


13. Flau’jae

Guest judge Chris Hardwick pushed the Golden Buzzer for this 14-year-old rapper in Season 13. She spoke about her late father (who was murdered before she was born) before her moving performance. “I’m blown away,” Chris said, adding that he had goosebumps.


14. Deadly Games

This Season 11 danger act returned for AGT: The Champions and received the Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum. “I almost had a panic attack,” Heidi told them. “You guys are absolutely insane. Like, literally, my heart was almost jumping out of my chest. And something is happening to me right now!” she declared as she hit the button.


15. Kseniya Simonova

This sand artist previously won Ukraine’s Got Talent, and appeared on AGT: The Champions this year. Her emotional storytelling impressed host Terry Crews, who pushed the Golden Buzzer. “I have never been more impressed by the ability to move people the way you did today,” he told her. She finished the competition in third place.

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