13-Year-Old ‘AGT’ Singer Breaks Down Explaining How Music Helped Her Through Her Parent’s Divorce

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Angelina Green was just 13 years old when she auditioned for season 12 of America’s Got Talent. She had a maturity about her voice that really impressed the judges and left a mark on the competition. Check out her audition below.

Singer Angelina Green Impressed Heidi Klum On ‘AGT’ With Emotional Audition

Angelina talked about how her mother came to support her during her America’s Got Talent audition. Her mother is her best friend. “When I was little my dad one day he just left and he just never came back,” Angelina said. “We were left with literally nothing.” They would get eviction notices and were afraid that they would end up on the streets. “That’s when music helped me. It was my own little world that I could go to whenever I needed and I would sing and all of my troubles and sadness would go away” she said about her love for music. Her mother also broke down in tears about how Angelina’s singing brought so much joy into her life even through the hardest of times. For her ‘AGT’ audition, Angelina sang The Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand by You.” The performance was dedicated to her mom.


“You talked about how you’ve had a lot of pain in your life and you used music to make you feel better,” Howie Mandel said. “If you move somebody emotionally I think that’s the best thing music can do. I think that’s what you just did.” Mel B praised Angelina for putting on a great performance even through all of the nerves. “This is one of my favorite auditions of today,” Simon Cowell said. “We don’t get many people like you for a reason because they’re hard to find.”

But nobody was more moved than Heidi Klum. “I really really love what you just did,” she said. “To me, you feel like there is an old soul inside of that little 13-year-old body and I loved it so much that I’m going to hit the Golden Buzzer.” This sent Angelina straight through to the live shows where she was eliminated in the Quarterfinals.

Where Is She Now?

Angelina’s early elimination on America’s Got Talent did not falter her career. The teen continues to sing and has become a big name around the Miami area. She posted this cover of “Rise Up” a few months back to give her fans something to smile about.

She also went on to perform the national anthem at the Miami Open, a Miami Heat game and Colombia vs. Brazil soccer game. She called it “an insane opportunity” singing for 65,000 people.

She has started to post covers again after a brief social media hiatus.

Not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous and could totally have a future career in modeling.


What did you think of Angelina’s ‘AGT’ audition? Were you surprised that she went home so soon?


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