12-Year-Old Brazilian Singer’s Unbelievable Gospel Cover Will Give You Chills [VIDEO]

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In a Brazilian program similar to Britain’s Got Talent, a young singer named Jotta A completely blew everyone away with his rendition of “Holy Holy (Worthy Is The Lamb).” Check out his performance below that was so vocally perfect, it will give your entire body goosebumps.

Jotta A Dominated The Competition On ‘Jovens Talentos Kids’

The show called Jovens Talentos Kids was the ultimate stage for Jotta A to show off his tremendous singing talents when he was just 12. He actually started his career much earlier in 2003 when he was just six years old with the release of his first album called “Sou Um Milagre.” Coming onto the show, he was already a force to be reckoned with and had a resume full of experience to prove it.


His ability to hit the high notes on Jovens Talentos Kids soon became something to be talked about all over Brazil. Jotta went on to perform several groundbreaking gospel songs including “Amazing Grace.”

He actually ended up winning the entire competition and performed “We Are The World.”

If you are impressed with Jotta’s singing talents check out the compilation below featuring some incredible kid singers. These youngsters really brought not only talent but sheer adorableness to some of the world’s biggest stages. Definitely comment down below and let us know if you want to learn where all of these kids are today.

Where Is He Now?

After winning Jovens Talentos Kids, Jotta signed a contract with Central Gospel Music. He later released an album called “Essência” in 2012. A year later, he released another album called “Geração de Jesus” which led him to receive a Latin Grammy nomination.

After a bit of a brief hiatus, Jotta returned to the music scene in 2017 with the album “Recomeçar.” In 2018, he released a Spanish album called “Muéstrame Tu Glória.” The official music video for the song current boasts over 56 million views.

In May 2020, Jotta made headlines as he decided to leave the Christian music industry. He posted a long caption on Instagram about how he was parting from the music that he first built his career on. Many speculated that his homosexuality was the cause for this rift and he wanted to finally feel free. He continues to pursue music, just under a new fresh genre. His latest music drop is called “Aventurero.”

Jotta recently just celebrated his 23rd birthday which he commemorated in an Instagram post. “I know that some of you practically saw me grow…it is natural over time that there will be changes in the life of any human being…But today at 23 I realize that there are things that accompanied me in all phases of life life…Love, Faith and Music !! And my birthday wish is that these 3 things multiply in our lives in a much more abundant and long-suffering way!” he wrote.

Jotta continues to flash his bright smile for his 492,000 Instagram followers that have watched him grow up right before their eyes.


What did you think of Jotta’s journey on Jovens Talentos Kids?


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