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10 Things You Need to Know About Davon Fleming of ‘The Voice’

Jason Ginsburg

Jason Ginsburg

Tyler Golden/NBC

Davon Fleming has stayed mostly under the radar. Unlike some of the other contestants this season, he doesn’t have an EP for sale. He doesn’t write songs. He’s neither a teenage phenom like Addison Agen nor a mature vocalist like Red Marlow.  But his near-elimination this week has galvanized his Baltimore community and  gospel fans around the country.

Davon was “instant-saved” by America this week, who chose him over Shi’Ann Jones and Ashland Craft. Being in the bottom three isn’t a good sign…but he was leading the other two by double digits by the end of the voting. So Davon has plenty of fans — and just might surprise us all. Here are 10 fun facts about the singer that his coach Jennifer says “represents everything The Voice is about.”

  1. You may not remember his blind audition, but he got all four judges to turn around in just over 15 seconds. The song? Amy Winehouse’s Me and Mr. Jones.
  2. In an exclusive Talent Recap interview, Davon revealed to our Parris Rose that he’s actually a twin! His brother, Tavon, also sings and produces music.
  3. Davon has had some tough times in his life, particularly in battling poverty. He told our correspondent Dominique Alexis, “This time last year I was homeless.”
  4. Davon’s background is in gospel singing, which he learned from his mother, who sang in a church choir. He says he’s happy to be open about his faith on the show.
  5. One of his favorite Voice moments was meeting Jennifer’s musical adviser, Kelly Rowland: “Kelly was so sweet. It’s so cool to see that the people you grew up listening to are actually like that in real life. I couldn’t help but cry—it was humbling.”
  6. Davon was roommates with his biggest competition on the show: fellow church singer Chris Weaver.
  7. He also told Parris that that he cut his hair to symbolize “growth and a new stage of life.”
  8. He calls his musical style “soul fusion,” a soul foundation with elements of jazz, classical, and pop. His influences include Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke, and Donny Hathaway.
  9. Kind words from the coaches:
    1. Adam: “What you do is nothing short of miraculous. It blows my mind how effortless you do something like this.”
    2. Blake: “You are such an incredible vocalist.”
    3. Jennifer: “I am beyond proud of you. If you aren’t here next week and the week after, I don’t understand why we are here in the first place.”
  10. He shows incredible gratitude for the journey so far: “I will never turn down a picture, or an autograph because I’m always going to be that little kid from Park Heights that wanted to sing.”

Davon has overcome plenty of obstacles to make it to the Top 8. Will his miraculous run continue? Stay tuned…

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