10 Things To Know About ‘American Idol’s Catie Turner

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Since the first episode of the reboot of American Idol, one singer in particular has captured the hearts and minds of America: Catie Turner. The quirky girl with the amazing voice was the first one to get a golden ticket on the show and has repeatedly proven she’s got the stuff. But who is this Catie Turner?

    1. She’s from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania from a town called Middletown. How much more down home Americana can you get?
    2. She’s still in high school, Neshaminy High School to be exact. She’s a senior and only 18 years old. I wonder how all this time off for the show will effect her graduation?
    3. She came to music late. Unlike a lot of the singers on the show who have been singing from an early age, Catie only started doing it a few years ago. She says, “Everybody has that story where they’ve been singing since they were two. That didn’t happen for me. It happened pretty late. [I was like], ‘ I can’t play sports, I can’t act, I can’t draw — I need a talent. What is something I haven’t tried? Music! Wait — I’m actually kind of good at music — I think I’ll work with this.”
    4. She’s already released an album. Back in 2015 she put out a six song album aptly called Teen Angst. We know she’s a good songwriter so it’s got to be good.
    5. Her heroes are Joni Mitchell and Ed Sheeran. She says of Sheeran, “He’s managed to make fresh album after album. He’s one-upping his romantic songs. He keeps making wedding dance song after wedding dance song.” and of Mitchell she said, “I do love Joni Mitchell. I really appreciate all the songwriters in the music industry right now. We’re doing it ourselves with no producers or writing sessions behind us.”
    6. The Judges LOVE her. Katy Perry said of Catie, “You are such a natural, Catie. Obviously, you’re a star because it feels so natural for you to be around other stars. You were doing incredible harmonies. You were kind of like soaring all over the place, and it was such a complement.” 
    7. Mel wrote about how Catie is a fashion icon. Guess where she gets all those funky clothes. The thrift store, of course. She said, “That’s my favorite hobby. Going to a thrift shop and finding some treasure. I’ll go anywhere that has the word thrift shop. I love selecting trinkets — little floral vases and pots. My bedroom is such a mess.”
    8. She’s one of if not the most popular people on our YouTube page. Ditto for The American Idol page. One video, of her singing Lady Gaga has over a million views. Thanks, Catie!
    9. She’s a vegan. Someone recently put cheese on her hash browns and she was none too happy.
    10. She might win American Idol. I know she’s an unconventional choice, but I’m telling you, she’s got the chops and she’s got America rooting for her. She could do it.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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