10 Things About ‘American Idol’s Gabby Barrett

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As we narrow the field down to the final 10, we start to see who is really standing out as a possible winner of the American Idol. Without a doubt one of the most popular singers on the show is Gabby Barrett. With her powerful voice, infectious performance style, and talent she is winning the hearts of America. But just who is this Gabby Barrett?

  1. Gabby recently turned 18 years old and she’s from the Pittsburgh, PA area.
  2. At only 14 she won a local singing competition called the Kean Quest Talent Search. It was a sign of things to come.
  3. She started singing in front of crowds at only 9-years-old
  4. She’d been dreaming of going on American Idol since she was little. She’s excited she made it on to that show in particular, “Can’t tell you guys enough that if you want to try out for a singing show then American Idol is the 1!!!! Great judges but they actually make the show about the singers.”
  5. She describes her style as an R&B/Country fusion, “My roots are R&B. But I always liked Carrie Underwood. I always liked the country and soulfulness in her voice. So I kind of combine both of them, R&B and country. I want to kind of bring the Whitney Houston into country.”
  6. Gabby  does a lot of work for charity. She’s auctioning off one of her American Idol outfits to benefit Goodwill of Pittsburgh. Bid here
  7. Katy Perry thinks Gabby is maybe the best performer on the show as far as stage movement goes. Katy told Jonny Brenns, “I would have Gabby teach you a little about stage movement… until she becomes your ultimate competitor.”
  8. Music legend Smokey Robinson said of Gabby after hearing her perform that, “She has what it takes to be a superstar.”
  9. Lionel Richie agrees saying of her performance of My Church, “I have never, in my life watched a person get to the end of a song, then blow me away [like that].”
  10. Mel and I think she will be in the final group if not win the whole damn thing. 


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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