10 Sudden Celebrity Deaths We Never Truly Got Over

Samantha Agate
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Celebrities have a way of captivating fans whether it be with their talents, athletic abilities, or personalities. We establish very personal connections to them and when they pass away, it breaks our hearts forever. Here are the 10 biggest celebrity deaths that we will just never be able to get over. Make sure you have your tissues ready because this will put you in your feels.

Robin Williams

Whether it was making us all laugh with his role as Genie in Disney’s animated film Aladdin, or his captivating role in Good Will Hunting alongside Matt Damon, Robin Williams was one of the greatest talents the world has ever seen. His stand-up comedy career in the mid-1970s really took off and allowed him to show the world his amazing improv skills that literally have gone unmatched by any other comedian. The six-time Golden Globe winner impressed audiences and critics alike with his unique acting style in films like Mrs. Doubtfire and The Birdcage.

The world was shocked when this acting phenomenon died by suicide on August 11, 2014. Tributes were held all around the world as Williams’ death had really shaken up everyone. The lights of Broadway went dark that night to pay tribute to Williams who was one of the greatest talents to grace our television screens and one of the saddest celebrity deaths the world has had to endure.

Amy Winehouse

English singer Amy Winehouse had an extremely endearing soulful voice. Her song “Rehab” in 2006 was on every radio station and you could not walk into a store without hearing it. Her album “Back to Black” was a smash success and she went on to win six Grammy Awards. She also had a huge breakthrough with the song “Valerie.” Winehouse’s last recorded song was a duet with music legend Tony Bennett for his album, “Duets II.”

On July 23, 2011, Winehouse was found unresponsive in her home from accidental alcohol poisoning and was later pronounced dead. Tributes poured in from other musical artists including Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Rihanna along with fans gathering outside of her home to set up a memorial. Her singing abilities were so strong and her voice and story really resonated with a lot of fans that are still to this day left heartbroken over this celebrity death.

Kobe Bryant

One of the most tragic celebrity deaths of this generation was Kobe Bryant along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna. The NBA star player spent his 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers and led them to five championships. This 18-time All-Star later took his talents to the big screens with his Academy Award-winning film Dear Basketball. He is widely known by many as one of the greatest basketball players of all time and continued his philanthropic work off the field with the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation with the mission of helping children in need.

The world was rocked to the core on January 26, 2020, when news broke that Bryant and Gianna were killed in a helicopter crash along with seven others on board. The Grammy Awards ceremony was scheduled for that same day and paid tribute to the pair at the Staples Center, the arena that he played in for his entire basketball career. Their death was very tragic and unexpected and it reminded people to hug their loved ones a little tighter while mourning the loss of one of the NBA’s greatest players.

Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington fronted the group, Linkin Park, from the year 2000 and on. The band had tremendous success with their album “Meteora” which reached number one on the Billboard 200. The group also won two Grammy’s and sold more than 100 million albums worldwide due to their iconic sound and collaborations with artists like Jay-Z and Pusha T. This popular rock band had major success with the songs “Numb” and “In The End” and Bennington was the voice behind all of the powerful lyrics. On July 20, 2017, Bennington was found dead by suicide in his California home. For people that had grown up listening to Linkin Park for their entire lives, this was absolutely devastating. Bennington’s death changed the rock world forever and called for the need of mental health resources for everyone that needs help or is struggling.

Anthony Bourdain

Audiences all over the world fell in love with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain with his shows Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. He was a prominent writer whether it was books on cooking or traveling and also dabbled in fiction writing as well. He traveled to a multitude of countries to try their traditional cuisines and discover hidden gems that made our mouths water and our hearts full of admiration because of how much Bourdain truly loved his craft.

In June 2018, fellow chef Eric Ripert found Bourdain dead by suicide in his hotel room while filming an episode of Parts Unknown. CNN continued to air the season and included two episodes to pay tribute to his legacy. News of his death shook up the culinary world and those who admired his honesty and talent. His death was extremely sudden and unexpected even to his own mother who was left devastated in one of the most shocking celebrity deaths of the decade.


Prince is one of the most celebrated and successful artists of all time. He was able to dominate all areas of music including pop, R&B, soul, funk and rock and put on energetic shows. Prince made his acting debut in the movie Purple Rain. It really showcased his musical talents and featured performances and elaborate sets. Not to mention that his music has always topped the charts and his contagious energy on stage was a hit with fans all over the world. Purple Rain won an Oscar for Best Original Song Score and grossed over $72 million worldwide. 

Prince died of a fentanyl overdose in 2016, but his achievements as one of the best-selling artists of all time have made their mark on the world forever. Prince’s legacy will live on well into the future and he has very clearly helped launch the careers of some of the world’s most talented artists.



Swedish DJ Avicii had tremendous success with his song “Levels” in 2011. His song “Wake Me Up” also topped the music charts in both the United States and Europe and really showcased this young talent. In 2012, he was nominated for a Grammy for his collaboration with David Guetta. He worked with other huge artists like Madonna, Rita Ora and Lenny Kravitz. Avicii was just getting started in the music industry. On April 20, 2018, he took his own life as it was later revealed that he was struggling with his mental health. At the time of his death, he had over 200 unreleased songs some of which were released in 2019 to help benefit The Tim Bergling Foundation in which his family started in his honor for suicide prevention.

Luke Perry

Luke Perry was labeled as a heartthrob for his role as Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210 in the 90s. He made several notable television and movie appearances on shows like Will & Grace and the Buffy Franchise. Perhaps younger generations know him best from his role of Fred Andrews in the CW hit drama Riverdale. We’ve laughed with him, cried with him and love the way he was able to play such a powerful father figure in this show. In 2019, Perry had a role in the Oscar-nominated film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. This was his final feature role.

On March 4, 2019, Perry passed away after suffering two strokes and the world was left ailing from his shocking death. The cast of Riverdale paid tribute to Perry and his sendoff on the show was one of the most emotional moments in television history featuring his former 90210 costar Shannon Doherty. They put all of their real emotions into the episode and Perry will be missed in the entertainment world where he was known as a very nice guy both on and off camera.

Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce captured our hearts when he played Luke in the Disney Channel original series Jessie. He also had roles in Grown Ups and the very popular Descendants franchise. He was a huge talent in the world of acting, dancing and singing and made a multitude of memorable television and movie appearances. On July 6, 2019, Boyce tragically passed away after suffering a seizure brought on by his epilepsy. His Descendants co-stars along with fans across the world were in tears after this 20-year-olds death since he was such an iconic face of the Disney franchise along with all of the other avenues he pursued. It was definitely one of the most shocking celebrity deaths in recent years and he had so much ahead of him.

Carrie Fisher

Everyone knows Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the very successful Star Wars franchise that led her to be nominated for four Saturn Awards. While she had a multitude of other successful roles, she will always and forever be everyone’s favorite space princess. She even appeared in the newest installment of the franchise reprising her original role. On December 27, 2016 Fisher was pronounced dead after suffering a medical emergency on a flight back from her European book tour.

News of her death had shaken up the entire world as Star Wars: The Last Jedi, her last film appearance was slated to be released in 2017. She really made her mark on the film industry and put the idea of a strong female role in a movie on the map. The day after Fisher’s death, her mother, Debbie Reynolds suffered a stroke and died later that day. The world lost two acting legends back to back and their legacies will be remembered forever.


Reading about all of these celebrity deaths is definitely extremely sad but we can continue to honor all of their memories and the achievements that their tremendous talents brought to our lives.

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