10 Funniest Comedians Of The Decade on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Julia Delbel
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A lot of the most unique and popular acts on Britain’s Got Talent are comedians. From stand-up to skits, there are plenty of ways contestants have shown off their comedic chops over the years, so here are 10 of the best from the 2010’s!

A Barrel of BGT Laughs

Jack Carroll

Jack Carroll performs on Britain’s Got Talent

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Jack was the Series 7 runner-up and a lot of the jokes in his comedy routines focused on his cerebral palsy. He set the bar for comedians joking about their disabilities on Britain’s Got Talent, including…

Lost Voice Guy

Lost Voice Guy performs on Britain’s Got Talent

Five years later, Lee Ridley finished what Jack started. He also has cerebral palsy which prevents him from speaking normally, but thanks to his sharp wit and a little help from a computer that he uses to communicate, he became known not only as Lost Voice Guy, but the winner of BGT Series 12!

Robert White

Robert White performs on Britain’s Got Talent

Lee wasn’t the only standout comedian of ‘BGT’ Series 12, Robert White was hot on his heels to the very end of the competition! While Lee was a stand-up comic dealing with cerebral palsy, Robert was a singer-songwriter who absolutely roasted the judges during his songs. The crowd ate it up and he finished in second place on the series.

Mickey P. Kerr

Mickey P. Kerr performs on Britain’s Got Talent

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The Series 12 final was just chock-full of great comedy acts. Mickey Kerr was yet another of them, performing some funny original songs while playing his trusty acoustic guitar.

Siobhan Phillips

Siobhan Phillips performs on Britain’s Got Talent

Siobhan was a musical comedian who focused on the theme of new motherhood as a middle-aged woman. That seemed to be something that resonated with a lot of BGT viewers, because she made it all the way to the Series 13 finals.

Ned Woodman

Ned Woodman performs on Britain’s Got Talent

Before Siobhan joked about having a kid, Ned joked about being one. He was just 9 years old when he competed on BGT Series 11, finishing as a finalist.

Steve Hewlett

Steve Hewlett performs on Britain’s Got Talent

Steve and his puppet pal, Arthur Lager, made it to the Series 7 finals as a wildcard act. He also involved several other puppets in his onstage shenanigans, including a parody of Simon Cowell himself and a talking water bottle.

Koji Anim

All of Kojo Anim’s Britain’s Got Talent performances

Most BGT Golden Buzzer acts don’t even make it past the semi-finals, but Kojo made it all the way to the finals and finished in fourth place after receiving one from Simon Cowell during the Series 13 auditions.

Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards performs on Britain’s Got Talent

Matt was another Golden Buzzer comedian (his was from Ant & Dec) who made it to the finals and finished in fourth place. But he wasn’t just a comedian, he was a comedic magician. His magic may have been kooky, but that’s what made it stand out as one of the top Series 11 acts.

Daliso Chaponda

Daliso Chaponda performs on Britain’s Got Talent

Daliso finished higher in the competition than any other Golden Buzzer comedian did before or has since, placing third in Series 11. Amanda Holden was the one who pressed it for him, saying that he had “a golden future”.

Who was your favorite Britain’s Got Talent comedian of the decade? Let us know in the comments below!

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