Meet ‘AGT’ Finalists Duo Transcend — Competing on ‘AGT: Champions’ Season 2

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Trapeze artists and rollerskaters Tyce Neilsen and Mary Wolfe make up Duo Transcend. They were one of the last 10 acts standing on America’s Got Talent Season 13, and they had quite the journey on the show.

America’s Got Talent viewers have been treated to trapeze and rollerskating performances by the pair, but the duo have also done rope aerial and high diving acts as a couple.

Duo Transcend met while performing

The two actually met while performing in a cliff diving show, and eventually went on to get married and have their son, Jaxx. Cliff diving is just one of their many skills beyond the trapeze; Tyce is also a trampoline performer, while Mary is an actor and singer.

They are married

Both have been entertainers for years, but once they got married they decided to create and perform their own trapeze and rollerskating acts together. In addition to performing as just the two of them, Tyce and Mary have also been part of large-scale productions, including The Great American Variety Show, Circus Flic Flac, Cirque De La Mer, Le Grande Cirque Adrenaline, and Cirque Du Soleil.

Tyce’s eye condition

Tyce suffers from what was a progressive eye condition, but recently had a procedure to stop the disease from worsening. He remains legally blind in his right eye, but the treatment prevented him from completely losing his sight in that eye.

Duo Transcend went viral

They became one of the biggest viral acts of AGT Season 13 when Tyce dropped Mary during their Judge Cuts performance. Fortunately, she landed safely and the judges were so impressed with the rest of their act they put them through to the live shows despite the mistake. But that didn’t stop news outlets across the country from reporting on the mishap.

Duo Transcend upped the danger

Mistakes like that are always a risk in danger performances, but thankfully Mary explained after the fact that she and other stunt artists are actually trained on how to fall if something like that happens. Clearly it came in handy!

First Trapeze acts to advance to ‘AGT’ finals

On September 5, 2018 Duo Transcend became the fifth act to advance to the America’s Got Talent finals, winning the judges’ choice tiebreaker via having more audience votes than Voices Of Hope Children’s Choir. Duo Transcend is the first trapeze act to reach the AGT finals, and the second aerial act to do so after Sofie Dossi in Season 11.

Duo Transcend are competing on AGT: Champions Season 2 after getting eliminated in America’s Got Talent in the finals. Can they win the mother of all trophies and take home the glory?


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