10 Companies Still Aggressively Hiring During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Samantha Agate
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If you are one of the millions of people who have been laid off during the coronavirus pandemic, have no fear. There are still companies that are hiring and in desperate need of employees right now.

Instacart Is Hiring All Over The United States

Instacart is a North American leader in online grocery and one of the fastest-growing companies in e-commerce. They provide same-day grocery delivery and pickup services. They also are a great source for retailer coupons and discounts online. Now more than ever, fewer people are going out to grocery stores and are ordering online. Instacart is looking to hire engineers, marketing managers, product designers and many more positions all over the United States. And of course, they are always hiring people to deliver the groceries.

Instacart expects high customer demand over the next few months as the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and offers flexible hours for employees to earn an extra source of income during a time where people need it most. Help out your community by delivering groceries to those who do not have easy access to them or are at high risk of contracting coronavirus so they cannot leave their house to go to the store. Instacart is looking to hire 300,000 employees within the next three months.


Facebook Is Focusing More On Mental Health During This Time

Since a lot of people are stuck at home during lockdowns and quarantines, they are using Facebook a lot more. It is a way to connect with friends in a time where you might not be able to go out and see them in person. Facebook is looking to hire 10,000 workers for product and engineering teams by the end of 2020. One of the areas that Facebook will be focusing on to hire people for is monitoring users or posts who show signs of mental health issues such as suicide or self-harm. Facebook is also working to distribute grants and economic assistance to help struggling small businesses around the country.

Squarespace Is Seeking Creatives

For all the creatives out there whether you are self-employed or looking for more business opportunities, you may be familiar with Squarespace. Squarespace helps people or businesses create their own stylish and impactful websites. Squarespace is looking for researchers, financial associates, human resources partners and a multitude of other positions. They are even looking for interns so if you are a young college student looking for something to add to your resume, this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Duolingo Is Your Chance To Learn A New Language

Duolingo is a free mobile app and website that helps you learn new languages and allows you to assess your progress. If you are bored at home during this pandemic, why not learn a new language? They are hiring in a ton of areas including design, education, accounting and marketing. They even offer flexible hours for all the night owls out there. Last week, their Beijing team returned to the office after two months at home. It seems like the team and the company has maintained a great camaraderie and positive work ethic even during COVID-19.

The Washington Post Is Booming With The Latest Coronavirus News

Chances are when you are scrolling through your Facebook feed, you may see a bunch of links to articles from The Washington Post. It is a credible news source and a great media company to work for. Media is extremely important right now to provide people with informative stories and keep them up to date on the latest coronavirus news. The Washington Post is looking to hire editors, business analysts, engineers and even electricians! Even in times like these, the news never stops.

Amazon Is Hiring 100,000 Workers

With many retail chains closing indefinitely because of the pandemic, more people have been ordering from Amazon. It is the one-stop-shop for groceries, electronics, and whatever necessities you need that you cannot get during your social distancing trip to the grocery store. Amazon says it will hire 100,000 workers to assist with online deliveries in the United States. This includes working in the warehouse and driving the goods to their destinations. The company is also raising its minimum pay to at least $17 an hour through April to recognize their employee’s hard work throughout the pandemic. 


Peloton Is Everyone’s New Favorite At-Home Workout

Everyone’s favorite exercise bicycle company is looking for employees. Sure, they may have had a controversial commercial air last year, but there is no denying that their product allows people to get in great workouts out home. With gyms across the country closed because they pose a risk of spreading coronavirus, peloton bikes are the new popular at-home workout. They also stream fitness classes to you online and on-demand. They are hiring in the areas of marketing, sales, hardware, software and many more and offer employees flexible hours. Their listings and perks are definitely worth taking a look at. The company is also donating 100 bikes to medical workers on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic.

Capital One Is Perfect Customer Service Workers

Capital one is hiring for over 1,000 positions across the United States. The company has been working hard to accommodate customers that are facing financial difficulties due to coronavirus. They continuously provide updates on their services and resources they are offering to customers during this time. If you have experience in customer service, management or have even worked in a bank before, definitely check out the employment opportunities they have available during this time.

PepsiCo Products Are In High Demand

Everyone’s favorite soda brand is looking for employees. The company said it will hire 6,000 full-time, full benefit workers across the U.S. in the coming months. That adds to PepsiCo’s 90,000 strong workforce supporting its North American food and beverage businesses. It is one of the companies that is thriving with a large demand due to the fact that people are stocking up on groceries now more than ever. PepsiCo North American Foods CEO Steven Williams told Yahoo Finance that hiring more workers will relieve some of the pressure placed on the company and reassure the public that their products will always be readily available as coronavirus sweeps across the United States.

Zoom Is Hiring To Fix Security Flaws

If you have children, chances are they are using Zoom as a way to receive online instruction from their schools. It is a popular video-conferencing app that is hiring for full-time positions in education, engineering, finance, IT and sales. And although the company came under scrutiny recently for some security flaws, they are now dedicated more than ever to ensure to customers that their services are worth using. By hiring more employees, they hope to fix these flaws and allow for seamless educational and business experiences.


We wish you luck in your job search and hope that one of these employment opportunities can lead you to a career full of success. Do not be discouraged during this time because things will eventually get better and you will land that dream job.

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