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10 Blind Singer Auditions That Will Have You In Your Feelings

Here are 10 of our favorite auditions from blind singers on some of the world’s biggest talent shows that had us in tears from start to finish! SPOILER: Grab the tissues now… you’ll need them.

Top 10 Blind Singer Auditions on ‘Got Talent’, ‘The Voice’ & ‘American Idol’

1. Kodi Lee – America’s Got Talent

Kodi Lee became a viral sensation overnight when his audition went viral. Millions across the world tuned in to hear Lee’s incredible vocal range and of course to see the all-important Golden Buzzer moment. Kodi is a ‘Got Talent’ legend!

2. Paul Kapeleris – Australia’s Got Talent

Paul Kapeleris stunned the Australia’s Got Talent judges with his beautiful rendition of ‘Rise Up’. The singer received the Golden Buzzer, whilst commended by the judges for his incredible performance. It was then that Paul made a name for himself on AGT!

3. Robert Finley – America’s Got Talent

When Robert Finley first introduced himself to the world on AGT last year, he proved that he had a talent worth hearing. In his very first performance on the show, he brought the theatre down with an original song full of soul!

4. Garret Miles – American Idol

American Idol contestant, Garret Miles wowed the judges with his incredible touch on country music at his audition. Combining everything we love about a superstar, Miles truly has it all! And, if his initial audition didn’t do much for you, find out how he handles a song in Spanish, when requested by the judges.

5. Rachael Leachcar – The Voice Australia

Rachel Leacher, Voice Australia contestant was exactly what the coaches were looking for once she stepped on stage and hit the first note. Impressing the entire nation with her incredible abilities despite her ability to read music, we’re more than impressed.


6. Shayy Winn – American Idol

Shayy Win won over the judges with her inspiring story and incredible voice. One judge that was particularly taken by the audition was Lionel, who couldn’t help but give Win a hug.

7. Rion Paige – X Factor USA

Singing Carrie Underwood’s ‘Blown Away’, Rion Page blew away the X Factor judges and the arena audience with her powerful audition that now sits at nearly 60m views. Page was determined to let go of any invisible barriers and reach for her dreams and she did just that in this amazing performance.

8. Vernon Barnard – The Voice South Africa

Vernon Bernard suffered a tough childhood, enduring a long period of surgical operations after losing his sight. The singer appeared on The Voice South Africa however, many years later, to share a talent he discovered along the way.

9. Victoria Oruwari – All Together Now

Wow! Prepare to be amazed by Victoria Oruwari, who brought the entire room to tears with a magical performance on ‘All Together Now’. We’d ‘climb every mountain’ to hear her sing again.

10. Sirine Jahangir – Britain’s Got Talent

Sirine Jahangir was the light needed this year on Britain’s Got Talent, showing off her powerhouse of a voice during her audition. Unsurprisingly, Jahangir was met with a huge amount of support in the theatre and will be making her way to the live shows later this year!



Pablo Urdiales Antelo

Pablo Urdiales Antelo is a writer at Talent Recap, covering 'Got Talent', 'The X Factor', and other worldwide talent shows. Occasionally writing pop culture content, he's quick to form opinions on celebrity controversies and political revelations. He lives in London, United Kingdom.